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Dec 17, 2013 12:38 PM

new opening on Monkland

Does anybody know what is opening under the new condo building on Monkland av (corner of Wilson) in Montreal? It looks like a grocery store maybe? But there are no ads and no "for rent" sign either... very strange

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  1. Nope, but I'm just hoping it's not *another* bank. :-)

    1. Is Monkland avenue another no mans land restaurant wise?

      So many for rent spaces. Is it a good idea for someone to open a restaurant on that street? Not enough traffic? not enough offices in the area?

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      1. re: maj54us

        The problem with Monkland is not the availability of clients but rather the fact that most of the buildings belong to a small group of landlords who demand astronomical rents. That is why the Java-U and Em&Seb locations are still empty after all this time. IIRC the rent at the Java-U location is pretty close to $8k/month!

        1. re: eat2much

          WOW! 8k rent? that is insane for the amount of revenu one could generate is such an area.

      2. There are two retail spaces in the building. The larger one looks about right in size for a pharmacy and the smaller one some kind of retail. Condo owners don't generally want restaurants in the building due to hygiene, odors, vermin, etc....

        However, as a Monkland village resident, I'd love a few more dining options.

        1. I was wondering the same thing myself. I can't be another bank.... can it?

          1. Looks like I called it correctly (much to my chagrin). There is a big "Ouverture Bientot" sign for a Pharmaprix in front of the larger space.

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            1. re: eat2much

              I guess in this dog eat dog world, there can't only be one drug store in the area. Got to have competition. Profits must be wonderful in the pharmaceutical world!