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Dec 17, 2013 11:14 AM

Sunday Buffet Brunch

Alas, I just found out Scarpetta will not be offering Sunday Buffet Brunch anymore, instead, they will only serve the buffet during the holiday/special occasion such as thanksgiving and Christmas day.

What are the other options in for a buffet brunch that you guys will recommend?

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  1. Zengo in Santa Monica is not a buffet but is an AYCE Latin-Asian small plate brunch that includes adult beverages for $35 per person. Good food too.

    1. Sierra Cafe in the Universal City Hilton has quite a lavish Sunday champagne brunch. It's $43 for adults. Parking might be a deal killer. I just read that for hotel guests, parking is $24 per day or $28 for valet parking. It didn't give the rates for restaurant customers but I would assume it's no bargain.

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        I believe with validation from the Sierra Cafe self park is $10 for 2 hours (or it might be 3 hours). I'd say call and inquire if you want up to date information on parking costs.

      2. Culina in the Four Seasons [$69/adults, $34/children]; Catalina Kitchen at Terranea [$52/adults, $28/children]; Trump National [$75/adults, $30/children].

        1. Catalina Kitchen at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes.

          I can't tell you how much fun I have going to these. I can (and usually do) spend 2-3 hours here, just relaxing, taking my time, enjoying the food, the view, and of course, the champagne. It's $58 per person + $20 for unlimited mamosas, bloody marys, champagne, and peach blinis.

          Top notch service and ridiculously good food offerings...the carving station has wood roasted pork belly, roast beef, pork loin, and fresh pizzas from the wood burning oven. They have a cheese and charcuterie station, a pastry and bread station, an egg/omlette station, a fresh seafood station (massive split crab legs and crab salad with real jumbo lump crab meat), a hot plate station, and a desert station.

          The decor is gorgeous and relaxed. The buffet area isn't totally massive. It has a more intimate feel about it that I like. Very cozy.