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Composer or Pasta

I just saw this quiz and thought it was cute. You have to guess if the name provided is a pasta or a classical composer . . .


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    1. That was pretty tough! I only got 15 out of 21 correct, and I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in both of those fields.

      1. 15 out of 21 for me too. That was tougher than I thought it would be.

        1. 15/21 I feel like a failure :(

          1. 19 right – woo hoo! On the other hand, I hate admitting I thought two famous (it says here) composers were noodles …

            1. 20/21 for me, but a few were WAGs....I probably *knew* about 15 of them.

              1. 19 right out of 21. Some were educated guesses, however. That was fun, I forwarded to my pasta loving sons and choral group members.

                1. Reminds me of "Cheese or Font": http://cheeseorfont.com/

                  I love it - it makes me laugh out loud - but I'm TERRIBLE at it - I'd do better with my eyes closed.

                  I also saw one years ago where you had to distinguish heavy-metal bands from psychiatric drugs.

                  1. That was a hoot. 17/21 (and a few were just guesses). I either need to eat more pasta or listen to more classical music.

                    (Edited for spelling.)

                      1. 16/21... pretty surprised considering my classical music knowledge is minimal beyond "the greats".

                        1. 15. Wow. That was humbling, as I'm a classically trained violinist since age five.

                          1. 19/21. Since I don't know all that much about composers I clearly spend too much time in the pasta aisle.

                              1. 19, and I'm ashamed to say it was mostly because of my kinda sorta knowledge of pasta rather than composers. This was a super lunchtime diversion. Thanks, Thimes!

                                1. I got 20! Guess I should go buy some lotto tickets now cause it was mostly lucky guesses.

                                  1. 14.

                                    Now I feel like I need to go out an eat more pasta.

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                                      How odd,...I was thinking the same thing about Italian composers.

                                    2. 18/21...not bad. But I spend alot of time listening to classical music and eating pasta. Nice combination.