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Dec 17, 2013 10:25 AM

Anyone sell struffoli in Austin?

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  1. Those little honey balls that they serve you for free at Santorini look awfully similar, but I can't say I've had struffoli and knew it. I do love Lidia, especially how dramatically she chews her own food.

    1. I've seen them around this time last year at Mandola's Arbor Walk.

      1. A teaspoon of grappa per 3 pounds of dough? Yeah, like I'm so going to eat all of those and drink the remaining 745ml!


        1. I made a ton of this last week (as I do every Christmas). I still have a bunch left over in single-serving cupcake papers, which I'd happily share, but I'm in Plano with in-laws until New Year's. Alas, it'll all be eaten or stale by then.