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Nov 6, 2005 07:11 PM

Liver 'n Onions in Austin

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Here's a challenge. My partner's father is coming for Thanksgiving weekend and LOVES liver 'n onions but checking Hoover's and Tony's Southern Comfort Restaurant as the obvious possibilities, I don't find any. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Jim Washburn

    Threadgill's used to have pretty good liver and onions. I haven't been there in years, but I recommend you check it out. As of the last time I ate there some of their food was pretty good (chicken livers, e.g.), and some was awful (chicken and dumplings, e.g.).

    Jim Washburn

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    1. re: Jim Washburn

      Thanks for the tip. We'll check out Threadhills as well as the Bakehouse which we understand also does L&O.

      1. re: Jim Washburn

        Took your advice and tried the L&O at Threadgill's North tonight and good stuff! Made to order and really tasty.

        1. re: AustinJohn
          Jim Washburn

          Glad to hear it. I hope your partner's father will like it, too. If you or he ever find yourselves in Fredericksburg craving some liver and onions, try Friedhelm's Bavarian Inn.


          1. re: Jim Washburn

            Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.