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Dec 17, 2013 10:01 AM

Brainstorm: East Bay, large group, short notice!

Trying to snag a reservation for 7 people in the East Bay this Saturday night - a bit late notice for such a large party, so hoping to get some brainstorming going here.

Any cuisine is fine except Japanese, as one of our group is visiting from Japan. A nice atmosphere for talking would be good, and of course great food. Not looking in the fine-dining range but places with entrees up to $30 or so are fine. Cheaper is fine too.

Already tried and failed at the following due to either no reservations available, or no reservations taken at all:
Burma Superstar
Chez Panisse Cafe
A Cote

So, any other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. In addition to not taking reservations, several of those places are quite small. Did you call or just look on Open Table (some places won't book for parties that large on Open Table)

    I'd try:

    Boca Nova
    Rangoon Superstar

    1. Second Ruth's comment on the need to call, Opentable is useless for large parties.

      Haven, Riva Cucina, Ajanta, and Bocanova look to be not full and conversation should not be a problem.

      1. I like Camino a lot, and they are large enough to handle big groups

        1. There's a big back table at Homestead -- in a separate, semi-private area -- that might be able to fit seven. I like the food a lot.