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Dec 17, 2013 09:06 AM

good bakery for small white rolls

Which bakery would you suggest? I'm looking for rolls that are around 3 inches in diameter, about half the size of a regular dinner roll, for appetizer-sized sandwiches. I haven't noticed small rolls while shopping for other breads, but I haven't been looking for them. Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. OMG on dundas can do custom order

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        1. re: knusprig

          Outside of Montmartre's hours, Highland Farms has a healthy selection of rolls though I've never pulled out a tape measure while there. If you need a lot, a lot call Montmartre in advance.

        2. The dinner rolls at Costco might be worth a look. I think they are sold in bags of 3 dozen.

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          1. re: LJS2

            I'll take a look, but usually I've found Costco baked goods supersized.

            1. re: prima

              perhaps i remember them differently, but the plain dinner rolls they sell are the right size, however i don't think they are 'white' rolls--iirc, they are whole grain or some such.

          2. Silver Dollar Rolls at Silversteins.

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            1. re: Mila

              Thanks. I've seen Silverstein's rye bread, but haven't noticed the silver dollar rolls. Realize Longo's and Loblaws carry Silverstein products. Has anyone noticed the silver dollar rolls at the York Mills/Leslie Longo's or Yonge St/Yonge Blvd Loblaws?

            2. Any Cobs bakery does great dinner rolls that you can order ahead. I just wish one bakery in town would make fresh Parker House rolls...the BEST dinner roll.

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              1. re: TorontoTuna

                The Parker House rolls look kinda like what they sell at the Open Window Bakery in Parkway Mall at Victoria Park & Ellesmere. Can't be sure because I've not tried them.

                1. re: Googs

                  Well thanks, Googs. If they're real Parker House rolls, I'll buy them out. They are quite time consuming to make, so if they're the real deal I'm there!

                  1. re: TorontoTuna

                    Don't make a special trip for them. Next time I'm there, and with the new giant LCBO opening there that may be more often, I'll take a look (and taste) for you.

                    1. re: Googs

                      Thanks. Looking forward to your recommendation.