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What would you want named after yourself. . .

After reading in another post that Michael Pollan had a tomato named after him (which I think is appropriate for him), it got me thinking . . . .

If you were to be "immortalized" by having something named in your honor, what would it be?

For me I can't decide between: A really comfort-food style dessert. I'm thinking something with apples and caramel, that is best served warm with ice cream.


A pasta shape - I love pasta, making pasta, rolling pasta, eating pasta - pasta, pasta, pasta - so I'd love my own namesake shape.

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    1. Interesting question. I'd have to say my Tequila Lime Fruitcake. It's become a signature holiday treat at our house and I ship it to friends across the country who start asking about it in October.

      Lots of recipes used to be named after a person, like "Auntie Mame's Chocolate Dipped Bananas." Now recipe titles are a list of ingredients. I miss that.

      Why not? If Dolly Pardon can have a rose named after her, why can't I have a fruitcake :-)

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      1. re: sandiasingh

        Will you do the ultimate sacrifice for your adoring fellow Chowhounds and share your recipe for the Tequila Lime Fruitcake?

      2. A 12 inch smoked sausage with venison, elk, and horse, and a mélange of Bavarian herbs and nutmeg. No garlic.

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          1. re: Cheese Boy

            Wait till the sausage meets the knife named for one of Chowhound's knife experts ;)

            Probably a cookie. A chocolate cookie. In a recipe written by Maida Heatter ... that would be perfect.

          2. re: INDIANRIVERFL

            I was intimidated. I've never had such a interesting smoked sausage as INDI describes.

            1. re: HillJ

              Watzenborn-Steinberg Kreis Pohlheim. You had to get on the sausage makers calendar about 10 to 12 months out. We were having fun with some additional meats I had brought.

              A licensed facility with Oma in charge of the smoker.

          3. Pasta was the first that came to mind. Either a shape or a dish. Or may a risotto recipe.

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                  The spirit would be Gin but the flavor profile would need to be a combination of fresh ginger and lychee.

                  What would your personalized cocktail consist of?

                  1. re: HillJ

                    That sounds awesome, J!

                    I'm not a big cocktail drinker but on special occasions, mine would be a margarita with St. Germain and Hurradurra Silver Label Tequila.

                    But mostly just wine.

                    1. re: sandiasingh

                      Wouldn't it be fun to have a wine named after yourself. What type of wine do you prefer? My current favorites are the dry Rose especially the apple tones.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        We've been doing a lot of Malbecs lately and found a very hearty red with chocolate overtones at TJ's called Darkhorse we like (Calif). We had two Total Wine and More stores open here this year and have had a lot of fun discovering new wines. Their staffs are very knowledgeable and helpful.

                        For whites we like Kung Fu Girl from California (or PNW) and Cloudy Bay from NZ. Love the dry roses but mostly in summer. I did find a sparkling shiraz at Total from NZ that I haven't been able to find for about 12 years. First had it from Formaggio in Boston. That's fun for the holidays.

                        1. re: sandiasingh

                          Cloudy Bay...oh I do love their wines. 2011 pinot noir especially. Malbecs are an interesting wine. Darkhorse I'll have to remember for my daughter. I just ordered a case of three diff Sinskey wines (CA) for the new year (and learned about their wines on a CH thread about their vineyard kitchen/recipes) recently. Can't wait to break open those.

                          Yeah, it's not that hard...enjoying wine. :)

                          1. re: HillJ

                            Friends are sold on Campovida from Napa. So much so that they went there last weekend to celebrate one of their birthdays. I haven't tasted enough of it yet to have an opinion. Don't know Sinskey, but I'm def not a wine expert. Sounds like New Year's will be a lot of fun at your house!

                            1. re: sandiasingh

                              That sounds like a great time. What type of wine is Campovida? We have company coming in from all over btwn Christmas & New Years, two work parties and my daughter recently announced she is pregnant so, this year we're pulling out all the stops. With some spirited cocktails, (new to us) wines and mocktails for the gang. I didn't know Sinskey wines until the thread about the Napa vineyard. Had one bottle of theirs (Abraxas) enjoyed it. Took some time to hunt down a distributor but I ordered a mixed case.

                              Back on point, wouldn't it be fun to incorporate the idea of naming a food product into an actual gift idea.

                        2. re: HillJ

                          A french rose would be nice to have named after me too. I'm going for those that are heavy on the Cinsault (55%).

                          1. re: thimes

                            Can you make a recommendation thimes?

                            1. re: HillJ

                              I don't really have a go to label but more and more french roses are breaking down the grape blend on the label. A lot of the ones from southern france use cinsault and they typically are in the $12+/- range - so not expensive IMHO.

                              1. re: thimes

                                After the holiday I'm going to inquire at the store. Thanks.

                      2. re: HillJ

                        This sounds like it could easily be its own thread. What fun!

                        1. re: melpy

                          melpy, that's a good idea. Wine board, Spirits board of General Topics?

                        2. re: HillJ

                          I named a cocktail after myself. ***** Wallbanger. It was gin, blood orange Italian soda & Galliano.

                          1. re: BeefeaterRocks

                            The use of blood orange juice or soda is always a good idea! Cheers!

                            1. re: BeefeaterRocks

                              I should like to drink you. You, the ____ Wallbanger, that is. ;)

                        3. re: HillJ

                          I am thinking some sort of sour red ale. These are by far my favorite drinks. Or maybe a hard cider but I'm pickier about those.

                          Favorite sour ales include Monk's Cafe and Rodenbach.

                          1. re: melpy

                            You know I have not really experienced sour ales. Interesting. Hard cider I enjoy; apple wines even more so.
                            But I'll have to learn more about sour ales.

                            1. re: HillJ

                              Oh, yes you will. Sour beers are wonderful wild beasts. A well-made one is something I treasure - it makes my beer geek AND my wine geek sides happy.

                              Like you, I would like a cocktail named after me. Probably rye- or high-rye bourbon-based...spicy...complex...but bubbly...with a bitter backbone.

                              I may have just revealed a bit too much about myself.

                              1. re: Wahooty

                                What fun! You are in good company, Wahooty!

                            2. re: melpy

                              I would also say a beer. An IPA. My favorite is Sierra Nevada Celebration. Something like that.

                            3. re: HillJ

                              I accidentally had a cocktail named after me last summer. I was consulting to a restaurant, working on their beverage program, and created a cocktail version of Bananas Foster. Ripe banana, dark and spiced El Dorado demerara rums, spices and vanilla, house pomegranate/orange blossom grenadine, Angostura bitters. Very tasty and not as sweet as it sounds. The asst. manager had never heard of the dessert and when he put the name of the cocktail on the menu he typed Banana Forester. I quickly changed it back to Bananas Foster, but the bartenders teased the heck out of me for a few days. The bartenders were all young ladies and I have to say, female bartenders can be vicious. ;-)>

                              1. re: JMF

                                That is such a great story. And you know I'm writing down the cocktail. You should have kept the name! What were you thinking?!!

                                Love it!

                                1. re: HillJ

                                  I submitted it under that name to gaz regan for one of his books.

                                  1. re: JMF

                                    Cool kat, Gaz. Did he use it?

                                    1. re: HillJ

                                      I don't think in the 2013 101 best new cocktails book, but possibly 2014. He used one of mine in the 2012 101 best new cocktails.

                                      1. re: JMF

                                        Very cool, JMF. Would you share the 2012 cocktail as you designed it.

                                        1. re: HillJ

                                          Actually I don't support one of the products in it anymore due to changes in the business, ingredients and procedures. So I would rather not list the recipe.

                                              1. re: JMF

                                                Thanks JMF that's really nice of you.

                                2. re: JMF

                                  fellow Ch-er L. Nightshade graciously made and named a drink for me - the bloody mariacarmen: the usual suspects but with a generous amount of sriracha added and a crisp slice of bacon as garnish. it was delectable.

                                  1. re: mariacarmen

                                    We'd expect your namesake drink to be nothing less! ;)

                                    1. re: kattyeyes

                                      hah! yep!
                                      my first thought was actually a pâté. but i'm going to have to add that i'd like to also have a champagne named after me, as others have said, a potato dish, a blood orange, a dry rosé ,and my own cocktail would be champagne, gin, St. Germaine with an infusion of something spicy, like a habanero or something. i think it could work.

                              2. A cheese, or a chocolate. Or both!

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                                1. re: arashall

                                  What fun, a cheese is a great choice!

                                  1. re: arashall

                                    Cheese was my thought too. Something blue and stinky, preferably.

                                  2. A person! While my son has my name, he is actually named after my father, so my son is the 3rd. It would be an honor if he felt the same of me, as I did my father, and would honor me by having his son bare my/our name.

                                    (even though it is just semantics I've made the point with my son he wasn't named after myself but rather my father)

                                    1. I already named my terrific mushroom chorizo grilled cheese after me....................

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                                      1. A spice mixture that would be warm, smoky, sweet and tangy. Would use it for meat and veg. It might have to be a paste since it would have to contain tamarind.

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                                        1. A sandwich, I think. Maybe my old childhood favorite, Braunschweiger on home-baked white with sliced egg, Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, mayonnaise and mustard. I've never seen exactly that anywhere, but a good deli could probably do one for me. Building my own I use sourdough these days.

                                          There used to be a locally-owned sandwich shop on Colorado Blvd. back when Mrs. O and I would come to Pasadena for visits; most of the sandwiches were either the favorites of or had been made to the order of some Pasadena-based celebrity, and each bore his or her name. I was delighted to see that my favorite on the board (and on my plate) was the David Lee Roth. Of course it had to be based on ham!

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                                          1. re: Will Owen

                                            Fun story and a sandwich is a great choice.

                                            1. re: Will Owen

                                              The Hot Pastrami sandwich that "Will Owen" your heart now being served at Katz's!

                                                1. re: Will Owen

                                                  Here's my sandwich invention. Two slices of the freshest French bread, smeared with an appropriate amount of mayo, covered with tiny sardines from a can bearing the name of a member of Scandinavian royalty, and topped with avocado slices. S & P, of course and the other slice of bread.

                                                  Sardines and avocados are supposed to help promote youthfulness, I've heard tell.

                                                2. PotatoHouse Gnocchi!!

                                                  That'll do.

                                                  1. Apples Thimes, like Bananas Foster, but with apples. Make it happen!

                                                    1. I'd love an apple named for me. or maybe some form of specialty grapes. something easy to eat, no muss no fuss -

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                                                      1. Champagne
                                                        Stinky Bleu cheese
                                                        Hot fudge sundae with peanuts and more hot fudge.

                                                        Patty Melt with a garden burger on grilled rye with extra cheese, grilled onions and gobbs of thousand island.

                                                        Cocktail..something Hawaiian.

                                                        My famous Veggie crumble tacos with sliced avocado, extra sharp cheese, green onions, dollop of daisy and some burning kick ass salsa..tortilla has to be fried and a little crunchy.

                                                        Lobster Bisque with a puff pastry and a fresh gazpacho.

                                                        Homemade Pie..peanut butter, dark chocolate.

                                                        Dusted Champagne Belgian truffles.

                                                        Love this thread!

                                                        1. Champagne. Or a variety of potato. My friends already call my potato gratin 'Heather's potatoes' - but it's not my own recipe.

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                                                          1. re: ultimatepotato

                                                            Have you posted it at "Home Cooking"? I love potato gratin.

                                                            1. You are all so creative. I was thinking a species of mackerel. Or maybe Ben and Jerrys can name an ice cream flavor after me.

                                                              1. my best friend and I both have sushi rolls named after us at our local sushi joint. :)

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                                                                1. re: jujuthomas

                                                                  That's fun! Can you share the names.. of the sushi rolls?

                                                                  1. re: HillJ

                                                                    very original names... the Juju roll, which is a slice of salmon wrapped around spicy tuna - more of a bite really.
                                                                    The Kelly roll is shrimp tempura with spicy tuna wrapped in soy paper. It's one of our favorites and we order it almost every time we go for sushi.

                                                                    1. re: jujuthomas

                                                                      but juju just the idea that there is a Juju roll on the planet named for you is pretty darn cool!

                                                                2. A nice single malt scotch would be a fitting tribute. Or a cocktail with Irish whiskey as its base.

                                                                  Or a decadently chocolate dessert would be nice as well.

                                                                  1. thimes, since you mentioned your love of pasta, what shape would bear your name?

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                                                                    1. re: HillJ

                                                                      that's hard to answer, I'd want it to be a "new" shape I guess - but I'm thinking hand formed instead of extruded. Hmm I need to get on that.

                                                                    2. A very fine, well-aged wine.

                                                                      1. Too late, my name's been taken. Won't give it away to the NSA but I saw it a lot in Germany. That's the price of having a name that's an adjective in another language.

                                                                        1. Pizza.

                                                                          Pizza Pedalfaster is a thin, hand-tossed crust topped with olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, black olives and feta cheese.

                                                                          1. A cookie, of course. But I also like the idea of having a wine named after me. Probably an interesting white blend. I've always been a little jealous that a dear friend of mine had a drink she created on a trip to Hawaii long ago spontaneously named after her - the Aloha Susan. It's almost 20 years later and we still make them.

                                                                                1. re: mushroomaffairs


                                                                                  Probably a strawberry. Not one of those large farmed strawberries like Driscoll but the little weird ones no one's seen before only sold at farmer's markets that become really popular the following summer.

                                                                                2. A large, ice-heavy cocktail. Preferably cider-based. Let's try and get a hint of lime zest in there, too. The kind of drink that keeps you company while you sit on the back verandah on a summer afternoon and wonder if it's ever going to cool down.

                                                                                  I'd also gladly lend my name to the marvellous G&T Sorbet. Also cold and slightly limey. I'm sensing a theme...

                                                                                  1. Come to think of it, I named a pasta dish after myself:
                                                                                    Clams Casino Cappellini alla Speranza

                                                                                    I'm quite delicious, too. :D

                                                                                    1. I have a creek named after me. Does that count?
                                                                                      It's on the Alberta Gov. fresh water fishing regulations map. The creek was on our property and a Alberta Government survey crew came through in the early fifties and asked my mother if the creek had a name for their records. She gave them my name b/c that's what the family called it and next thing you know it was on the map.

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                                                                                      1. re: Puffin3

                                                                                        How cool is that! Great story, Puffin3.

                                                                                        1. re: Puffin3

                                                                                          Get a couple of these to migrate there and it'd be ultra cool ... http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil...

                                                                                          1. re: Puffin3

                                                                                            If we are veering off of "food" I have a street named after me in So. California (my father was a civil engineer).

                                                                                          2. There was a time many years ago when I thought that having a sandwich at Roy's Place in Gaithersburg named after me would have been totally cool. Now,........not so much, especially since they closed the place this past spring.

                                                                                            1. It's a done deal. Sex in a Pan has always been my go-to pot luck dessert. It is now known as Karen's Pudding at our church socials. (You know those church ladies.)

                                                                                                1. A community garden, or a cheese.

                                                                                                  1. A food-borne illness.

                                                                                                    When I lived in China, I heard that someone in my teaching group said that I purposely ate from the street to get sick. That clearly wasn't WHY I chose to eat street food, but oh those ailments popped up in a panoply of ways. So, it might as well be...


                                                                                                    1. I already have something named after me. There's a recipe I often bring to parties, where I make a VERY spicy (lots of cayenne and habanero hot sauce) cheese dough, break off small amounts, stuff a green olive with pimento inside, roll into a ball and bake. Over the years my friends have universally come to refer to these as "Bob's Balls."

                                                                                                      1. Maybe Sir Richard Branson's yacht.