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Dec 17, 2013 07:35 AM

Report on Fu Kee Seafood (aka Full House)

I went last night to Fu Kee (富記) a Cantonese place across the street from Imperial Palace on 38th Rd with a group of Chinese--but not Cantonese-- friends who like it better than East Lake and IP, largely, I suspect because it is quite a lot cheaper. We had:
Fish maw crab soup (I didn't catch the exact name, because they had ordered it before we arrived). Delicious, especially with the addition of white pepper and a touch of vinegar.
Dungeness crab with sticky rice---good, but not as good as across the street, although the rice (we all agree it is the point of the dish) was yummy.
Cuttlefish and scallops with XO sauce--excellent, but it really tasted like shrimp paste (鹹蝦) more than XO. But a very good dish.
Red cooked tofu--good,but pretty standard
Pork belly with pickled vegetable (mei cai kou rou)--this was the star of the evening, some of the best I have had, and a perfect cold weather dish. The addition of fresh kailan to the meicai was a good touch.
Sweet black rice--good, but standard.

People around us got some fancy stuff--a lobster sashimi in a great presentation, dou miao with 3 eggs, etc. It all looked good. Costs about 25% than IP or EL. It isn't better, but homier and and very good.

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  1. PS We also got bitter melon with spareribs, nicely crunchy, but a little too gloppy from blackben sauce.

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      Thanks for the report. Certainly worth a try. I need a change from LP.