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Dec 17, 2013 07:34 AM

PLEASE I need frozen ravioli and gnocchi!!

Heading to the All Italian Market and Deli in Orlando today. I live in Melbourne, but I have to go to see if they sell frozen ravioli, gnocchi, fresh pepperoni, etc. I moved down here 6 months ago from Chicago and am having the worst time finding Italian food! Help and thanks!!

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  1. You might want to contact the folks at Downtown Produce on Ellis Rd. They are restaurant supply as well as retail. And with a little notice, Publix has produced some great items through the years.

    I trust you have already tried Green Turtle, Petty's, and B.J.s.

    I have yet to find anything at the new GFS on New Haven to beat the other big box stores.

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      Hi thank you! I did actually go to Petty's yesterday based on your suggestion. It was great! I have not tried Green Turtle or BJ's yet but I will. Downtown Produce on Ellis Rd is great- I will ask them. I appreciate the fast response and all the info!

    2. why don't you drive south instead and go to Carmines in Palm Beach Gardens. They have everything you want and more. I know it's far but there are quite a few Italian markets in that area due to all the Northeasterners.

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        Awesome! Thank you very much! Sounds like I will have to play a day trip soon! I really appreciate the info - being new to the state, I have yet to venture to the southern part yet - but I will. :)