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Dec 17, 2013 07:33 AM

ISO almond baked goods recipes

I have in my freezer about 4# of almonds, sliced and whole.I'd like to use them up in holiday baked goods. if possible I'd like to incorporate them into the dough or batter after pureeing them in a food processor,like almond paste. Any recipe suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. My two favorite almond treats are Almonds Florentine [I use the ottolenghi recipe] and Viennese Crescent Cookies, from the Joy of Cooking.

    The Florentines are gluten and dairy free so a great item for people with special diets. The cookies are just a holiday tradition in our house. I think my mother started to make them in the early 60's when the NYTimes published a recipe and article.

    1. Be aware that grinding almonds will result in almond meal or almond flour. It won't give you almond paste--that's a combo of ground almonds plus some kind of sweetener such as sugar or honey and also sometimes a binder.

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        To answer the question, I came across these a while back and they look delicious:

        I made the dough as directed, but used chocolate batons from Guittard to make them into pain au chocolats. They were SUPER TASTY and easy, if you don't mind the whole yeast thing.

        Also, this isn't a baked good, but will use up some almonds:

        I've been intrigued by the recipe for months now but keep forgetting to grab almonds at the grocery store.

      2. I buy Trader Joe's almond meal and sub it for a fourth to a third of the flour when I make ordinary cookies, quickbread batters (muffins, cupcakes), and dessert tart(let) shells. Unless you also add almond extract or amaretto, you won't have noticeable almond flavor in this type of thing, just a generic nutty hint to the finished product.

        Spiced nuts are a good way to use a lot of whole, raw almonds. Almonds are particularly suited to curried nuts.
        Sing out if you want the recipe.

        The and websites have lots of recipes for their almond pastes, filling, and marzipan that also call for using the nut in some form.

        Note: If you just whir nuts in the food processor, the oil will separate and you'll have almond butter. For almond meal/flour, put nuts and sugar into the machine and pulse until finely-textured, taking care to rest it a few times so the nuts don't heat up (which would make the mixture oily).

          I have made this cake a couple of times and love it. The first time I followed the directions but did not like the chocolate filling so much so I replaced it with a conventional ganache(cream and chocolate
          )I also like the clementine cake from nigella Lawson.
          I second smtucker in
          Inking Ottolenghi's Florentines, they are wonderful.

          1. Banana bread made with almond meal is really amazing, as mentioned previously pulse the almonds to create almond meal. This simple recipe was great: