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Dec 17, 2013 07:31 AM

Holiday Parties

What parties have you thrown for the holidays, and what did you make?

I threw an appetizer party for my cycling group and made Parmesan crisps, salmon canapes, baked brie, homemade fat-free chips and low calorie dip.

I'm hosting another party this Saturday for my writers' group, and right now I'm thinking venison slow cooker meatballs. But what else I'll make, I'm not sure yet.

So what have you guys made for parties this season?

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  1. I am having a dinner this week for about ten. I will be making posole rojo. So easy to have a pot of soup and then all the condiments on the table to pass around. Cabbage, radish, lime, avocado, tostadas, etc. Xmas food with interaction. Always works for me for a casual get together. Biscochitos for dessert

    1. Sounds yummy. I love soup parties.

      1. This being Florida, I will be using Key Limes off the tree for key lime pies. I have been directed to provide the same dessert for almost 20 years.

        If the hungry hordes are happy, why change?

        If I could find some flavorful mangos in the store, I would slip in at least one of those, but the season is in June, so I have found nothing flavorful in the stores.

        1. I was supposed to attend a dumpling party but the snow got in the way.

          Attending a sit down dinner on Sunday.

          Throwing a NYE party which starts around 8 pm. I usually do light buffet supper/heavy apps. With only 7 people attending so far. I am pretty sure that we will over plan. Cheese platter is prettey definite item so far.

          1. I just hosted a cocktail party for 40 over the weekend. We had a full bar, homemade eggnog and hors d'oeuvres, including:
            * Beet-pickled deviled eggs
            * Blue cheese canapes with caviar
            * Bacon rilletes with pickled apples and black radish
            * Whipped feta with Sriracha dip

            * Kibbeh
            * Lumpiang shanghai with banana ketchup and sweet chili
            * Crab rangoon
            * Freshly baked pretzels

            And a croquembouche for dessert. I chose not to have a cheese platter as people tend to hover around them and I wanted my guests to circulate and meet each other this time around. Someone, however, brought over a penguin cheese ball that was quite a conversation piece and may have me reconsidering my no-cheese rule for the next party.