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Dec 17, 2013 06:36 AM

HELP recalling Secaucus Polynesian restaurant 1979

My brothers all lived in Secaucus in the late 70's. We often gathered at a tiki joint on Rt. 3. Trying to get my brother a 'fog cutter' (sweet & potent cocktail) cup on ebay for Christmas. We remember to food being pretty good and the drinks always flowed. Anybody remember the name? Thanks.

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  1. You're sure it wasn't Lee's Hawaiian Islander in Lyndhurst?

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    1. A friend who grew up in Passaic has also mentioned Jade...Palace(?) from her childhood-- not sure where it was but I'm going to ask her about this...

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      1. re: Curlz

        Jade Fountain, one in Clifton, one in Lyndhurst.

      2. Secaucus, Rt 3. Pretty sure it was the eastbound side.

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        1. re: chefdaddyo

          Friend says she def remembers it but will ask her sister for the name

        2. South Seas?
          If so, ty Google! I just put in secaucus tiki

          1. Yes, yes, yes! South Seas. After drinking his third Zombie, my brothers would call it "Sow See". Thanks again. I did google it with the year, but came up empty.

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