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Dec 17, 2013 06:31 AM

Where to buy Sangrita in the DC Area? (Not Sangria)

Does anyone know which retail stores or liquor stores carry Sangrita in the DC or VIrginia area? I'm talking about the fruit/sometimes tomato chaser served with a tequilla shot in Mexico and not the wine drink.

There are many recipes on the web, but I'd like to try a commercial offering before trying to create my own.

I've checked the major DC and VA liquor stores and some VA latino supermarkerts and they don't show anything on their web sites.


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  1. Still no suggestions? Cinco de Mayo is almost here

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    1. re: Got_Wood

      The only time I've ever had it is when someone made it. I've never seen it for sale.

    2. since it is citrus juice absed, a commercial product would not have the fresh juice taste. Like a bottles bloody mary mix is a pale comparison to one made fresh, or even from canned tomatoes.