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Dec 17, 2013 06:30 AM

Christmas Eve Dining Airport Area

We will be arriving in Denver on Christmas Eve and our hotel is near the airport. We are looking for restaurant suggestions within 15 - 20 miles of the airport. We are not familiar with the Denver area. My husband is a meat & potato guy, but my daughter & myself have a broader palate, although we don't eat seafood. Entrees in the $30 range is good.

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  1. Just an fyi, the "Denver airport" is not really near Denver at all. It's in the middle of nowhere. Most of the "airport" hotels are kind of in the middle of nowhere too. So, there's not a whole lot of great restaurants near the airport. You can look at a google map of your hotel to figure that out :) Someone else might have some better ideas, but you're pretty much limited to chains. Ted's Montana Grill might be nice though if you're OK with it being a chain and if they're open Christmas Eve... it's located off of Pena and I-70.

    1. A few thoughts. One, eat at the airport? A few new options have opened. I know that sounds kinda weird, but juliejulez is mostly right, the closest decent places not in the airport are probably at Stapleton, like maybe the Berkshire?

      That said, while the airport is far away from the center of Denver, 15-20 miles will get you close to most places in Denver (barely). I have no idea what might be a good choice on Xmas eve, though.

      1. Eat at the airport. Elway's is a local, and very good, steakhouse that has a branch in Terminal C. Or go to Root Down, another local restaurant chain, in Terminal B. Otherwise you need to head into Denver for good food.