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Dec 16, 2013 06:18 PM

Staub Ceramic Mini Cocotte

Hey guys,
Have you used Staub Ceramic Mini Cocotte? I bought a set of three at William-Sonoma because the salesperson told me that I can use it on a stovetop. But when I got back home and went thru the manual, I find out I can't use this cocotte on a stovetop. Damn WS salesperson.
Anyway, since I've already used this cocotte, I can't return it back to WS. Any suggestion or secret recipe of making some gourmet by using this little stuff?

Thank you

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  1. I have 2 sets of the enameled cast iron ones. There is a thread on mini-cocottes.

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    1. Yes. You can return it to WS. They have a very generous return policy. Simply explain the situation and they will give you back your money.

      But, you can make individual cassoulets, baked beans, shepards pie, chicken pot pie, gratin'ed soups, etc. My problem with those sets is the count. Three is either too many [not often] or not enough. If I want to serve cute cocottes for a dinner party, I have to buy 6 or 9. Just bad division.

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      1. re: smtucker

        Question, how should I make soup by using this cocotte. Microwave?

        1. re: stashdong

          Oh sorry... I was thinking something like French Onion soup. You make the soup on the stove top, and then move it into the cocotte top with toast and cheese to throw under the broiler. Fun presentation.

          1. re: smtucker

            Sounds nice. But it turns out this cocotte can only be used as a bakeware or a bowl?

            1. re: stashdong

              Yes. Bakeware, broiler. Melted cheese on top. You have to put the soup into the small dish AFTER it has cooked on the stovetop.

      2. I have the le crueset version of these, mine came with little lids, so I use them for individual no knead bread. Divide the dough into the appropriate portions and little mini loaves. Decrease the baking time and watch them the first couple of times. I usually divide in eighths, bake off the first 4 (I have a set of 4), and when those are done, pop them and drop in the second round.

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        1. re: autumm

          Seems like LC has a stovesafe bottom?
          Use it as a bakeware is a brilliant idea, but i don't know a thing about baking haha

          1. re: stashdong

            Mine are so little they wouldn't fit over my smallest burner (cereal bowl sized)

            I've also done small portion mac and cheese in them. More portion controlled than the whole big pan coming out of the oven

        2. Staub makes these in both ceramic and enameled cast iron. The cast iron would be stove top safe, the ceramic would not be. The WS salesperson probably made an honest mistake. And yes it would make a good container for french onion soup, so does a $5 soup bowel.

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          1. re: mikie

            Those soup bowels are the devil to clean - so many loops. ;-)

            1. re: greygarious

              These are the bowls I have, not all that fancy: still a bit of a challenge to clean, but not bad.

              1. re: greygarious

                I think mikie missed the joke about the bowels being tough to clean. I won't want that crappy job. :)

              2. re: mikie

                Bought this set on sale, 40 bucks, not bad than a soup bowl

              3. I would urge you to return them, explain to WS what happened, and they should take care of you. They have to, since you bought them because the salesperson told you it was stove-top compatible.

                Then go and get the CI version! I love my mini ECI staub cocotte. It's great for 1-person servings and reheating food.

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                1. re: Sirrith

                  I bought a ceramic one because i use this as a personal bowl. CI one could be pretty fuxked after a lot scratches from spoons lol