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Dec 16, 2013 05:33 PM

Heavy-Duty Stand Mixers

I need a heavy duty stand mixer with a minimum of 6 quart capacity that will do anything from whip egg whites to knead dense grained bread. I'm leaning toward the KA Professional 600 or the Bosch Universal. I looked at posts on Chowhound and it appears the most recent postings in that discussion were in 2006 or so. DeLonghi got raves but it appears DeLonghi no longer makes stand mixers (and other things change in 7 years as well.) Does anyone who frequently uses a mixer for a variety of uses have a strong opinion about their mixer. Oh, of course I investigated Hobart. Only 3 speeds but primarily a price tag of over $2200 for a 6 quart takes it way out of the scope of what I want and need a mixer for.

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  1. Are you using it professionally?

    1. No, this is for my home. I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen.

      1. I think the KA pro would do the job. I have a lift/lower bowl model and love it. I don't use it everyday though.

        1. The Electrolux Ankarsrum AKA Verona AKA Assistent AKA Magic Mill, it's been a few names over the years but maintained the same design.

          I've had mine for a year and love it. I donated my 20 year old KA to goodwill and haven't looked back.

          1. My KA Pro 600 is a workhorse. Solid, sturdy, gets the job done, no fuss. It just always works. I'm an infrequent baker, using it for bread dough (including kneading), cookies, cakes and the like.

            Invest in a Sideswipe or similar paddle and skip bowl scraping.

            I can't speak about how it compares to other brands. I abandoned my Sunbeam Mixmaster 30 years ago when a batch of chocolate chip cookies chewed up the motor.