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Dec 16, 2013 05:17 PM

Cast iron dishes montreal

Hi All,

I'm looking to find cast iron dishes similar to the ones Martin Picard serves some of his recipes from PDC.

Any ideas on where to look?

Preferably not crazy expensive

Thanks :)

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  1. To be clearer

    I want to make individual potion
    S of duck cassoulet. So to fit a duck thigh or leg with beans and a small portion of foie gras/merguez.

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    1. re: chloeaardse

      Several places I dined this week (EVOO, Grinder) were serving out of the identical small red&white enamelled cast iron skillets by Le Cuistot ( I bought mine along with a large matching dutch oven at Warshaw across from Atwater market for a pretty decent price (relative to Crueset anyways).
      Canadian Tire also has very frequent sales (like 60-70% off) on their cast iron cookware, though they no longer seem to have any sizes smaller than 3qt casseroles.

      1. re: Fintastic

        I checked out your link. I remember them being double short handled shallow skillets. That one in the link is pretty cool. I like the long handle .they were burgundy enamel on the outside and cast iron on the inside

    2. I'd check at Ares (I think I've seen small cast iron dishes there ) or Monas.


      1. Thanks. I lived close to Atwater market. I'll check Warsaw. Ares is too expensive. I do appreciate you can find exactly what your looking for but I'm so much happier when I get a deal. Someone recommended Village. How can I clean to make sure it's clean? Or do I have to trust in using a pan preseasoned by strangers and questionable recipes?

        1. Take a look at winners too. Sometimes they have good deals on this sort of thing.