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Dec 16, 2013 12:52 PM

Gluten-free dining in theater district?

Hi, we're planning a trip to the theater on Sunday, and are looking for a good restaurant near the Colonial Theater that is gluten-free or has many such options. Two among us are GF, including one child. Any suggestions from locals who know the area?


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  1. lots of posts re GF options on the board: run a search.

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    1. re: teezeetoo

      Thanks, I did and found some great suggestions. Lots were in greater Boston area (suburbs, etc). I am not that familiar with the city, so was hoping that folks in the know could help me narrow the field to the theater district. Thanks!

    2. While it is a chain my friend with two GF kids swears by Legals GF menu. There is a link to the GF offerings on their site.

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      1. re: foodieX2

        Thanks, the menu looks great for kids!

      2. Legal's is kid friendly and good with gluten-free as is P.F. Chang's, though both may seem unadventurous. I've found (as I've a friend with celiac) that most restaurants in Boston of any size are accommodating and knowledgeable about gf issues. Bistro du Midi is very good if you are looking for something up-scale and close to your venue. Market would be another reasonably close choice with an interesting menu.

        1. blue dragon and meyers & chang also do gf. celiac will be something else though.

          while the food at artisan at the ritz isn't great, they will happily cater to special needs. food at the bristol is better and they also will bend over backwards for you.

          1. Along the lines of Legal and PF Chang, I think California pizza kitchen can do gluten free pizza. But I'm not sure.