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Dec 16, 2013 11:21 AM

Roland Demerara Sugar Cubes -- anyone know a (cheap) local source?

I've been getting these for a steal from Kam Man (formerly Super 88) in Dorchester, but they don't seem to be carrying them anymore. I'd rather not have to order a year's supply online, and I refuse to pay Whole Paycheck's usurious price. Anyone know another local retailer? Thanks!

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  1. Check the Armenian markets in Watertown, which carry a wide variety of sugar cubes.

    1. I've seen the Roland demerara cubes at Russo's.

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      1. re: Allstonian

        I happened to be at Russo's yesterday so I checked and they didn't have the Roland cubes They had brown cubes that looked like demerara, but the ingredients were cane sugar and caramelized cane sugars so I'm not sure it's actually demerara. La Perruche brand, 8.8 oz. for $4.98.

        1. re: bear

          Thanks for the correction - as soon as you said it was La Perruche I knew I'd misremembered.

          Another place to look, though I can't confirm that they definitely have them, would be the Russian grocers in Newton/Brookline/Allston. I know that I've seen and bought white sugar cubes at Bazaar in Allston, but I don't recall whether they have demerara as well. (For that matter, Market Basket, especially the one in Chelsea, might be one more place to look.)

      2. I just happened across these in a conventional grocery store recently, on an endcap with holiday foods.... I can't remember which (I've been into Shaw's, Stop & Shop and Market Basket) but if I see them again, I'll post.

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        1. re: Chris VR

          By process of elimination, I'm fairly sure it was the Stop & Shop in Lexington where I saw these. Might be worth a call.

        2. I've seen them, very intermittently, at Ocean State Job Lot stores.

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          1. re: MichaelB

            Was my suggestion too. Hit up an OSJL with a decent food section. I don't use the cubes which means I see them all the time at my local branch.

            1. re: kobuta

              Kobuta, which is your "local branch"? I do make a cursory check every time I visit an OSJL because I did find them there once, but I have never seen them again. I tend to shop the Everett and Waltham stores the most, although I have occasionally hit the W. Roxbury store when I'm in the Dedham area. To the person who suggested the Chelsea Market Basket, I do shop there fairly regularly and will make a note to check there; also the markets in Watertwon. Will post back with my findings.

              1. re: mezzodiva54

                If you're checking the Chelsea Market Basket, look in the international sections, especially the aisle with Russian/Bosnian specialty items.

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                  Sorry, just saw this - the North Quincy Ocean State Job Lot that is off Newport Ave.

            2. i know this is not what you asked, but fyi, TrJ sells loose demerara in small bags. MY love puts it in his coffee and tea and i grind it for cookies.