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Asian restaurants

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I'm looking for a great Asian restaurant in Manhattan for this Saturday night. Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, etc., but we're not in the mood for sushi or Indian food. Thanks!

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  1. uncle boons

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    1. re: MarieLuncheonette

      Uncle Boons rocks my world!!

      1. re: MarieLuncheonette

        Uncle Boons rules

      2. Without knowing your price point...

        Ssam Bar - Still thinking about the last meal.

        Pure Thai - More of a hole in the wall, but with big flavors

        Ippudo Westside - That Akamaru Modern rocked my world at lunch time today again. Is there a better Ramen dish than this in NYC?

        1. Vietnamese and Indonesian can come off the list, neither is well represented in Manhattan. Give Larb Ubol a try

          1. Red egg
            Ssam bar

            1. Jungsik would be my first choice.( Korean-ish) gourmet
              Kyo Ya ( Japanese)
              Hirohisa ( japanese)
              Hakkasan ( Chinese)
              Uncle Boon's ( Thai)
              Indochine ( Vietnamese)
              Kittichai ( Thai-ish) nice place
              Buddakan ( Chinese/trendy)

              These are not necessarily authentic, but all have nice atmosphere and good food.