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Dec 16, 2013 10:35 AM

Maccheroni Republic - downtown

This is a new place on Broadway, just across the street from Grand Central Market. Apparently it's from the original owner of Locanda Veneta.

Very nice place with inside and outside dining. I went with a group of 15 for a holiday lunch and they did four pastas for us family style. It was the best, freshest pasta I've ever had (admittedly, I'm not well experienced with fresh pasta). i'm not sure what the bill was as I wasn't paying, but the menus list the pastas all around $7 - $12, so it's quite reasonable, especially for the quality of the food. I think this one will be on my regular rotation of lunch spots.

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  1. Some previous discussions below.

    It's a nice little spot, and good addition to DTLA's Italian joints like Colori, All' Angolo, etc.

    1. I like it since I work in the Grand Central Market and sometimes just want a nice pasta.

      1. I like Maccheroni Republic, but I have a couple of issues with it.
        First, everything is swimming in sauce. It's a 1970s American style of saucing, so, if you like pasta, you're going to have a hard time tasting it here.

        Second, a couple of the waiters really push. They have a passive aggressive attitude attempting to get you to order more, "Are you sure you don't want something else? That's all? Hmm… just the pasta?"