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Dec 16, 2013 10:10 AM

Rome: 7 lunches, 8 dinners...

Realized this is how I am looking at my trip!! (somewhat in jest!!) Family of four, two teen sons 16 and 18. Love good food, don't mind dives, don't need stars! We are staying near the Pantheon. Don't want to bring coat and tie.

Anything you 'wouldn't miss' on a week in Rome?? And, yes, I know this has been asked many times, just hoping something pops out to you, as a must do!! Or, with only 15 meals...a "skip it"!!

Lunches: have room for 3 more

Perilli (Sunday lunch)
Cesare al Casaletto
L'Asino d'Oro

Dinners: have room for 3 more

Armando al Pantheon
Sora Margherita
L'osteria Monte Verde

FYI, Trattoria Monti is closed while we are there.

Urbana 47, Taverna dei Fiori Imperial, Al Moro, DRenato e Luisa, Cul de Sac, 00100, Flavio al Velavevodetto, Osteria Fernando, Costanza, Chiostro di Bramante...these are all weighing heavy on my list!!

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  1. I think Sora Margherita is lunch only

    Even with the two big kids and a lot of activity this schedule may wind up being too much food. Id be thinking about a couple of good pizza meals for some of your dinner slots. (Ive not had a chance to make the rounds - especially if you are willing to take the metro or tram, as it seems like you are, do a search - there have been several discussions on this topic or check out Katie Parla's blog or app .Have you rented an apt or is this a hotel stay?

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      apartment. Yes, I am full already. Aiming for one 'full' meal a day, the other lighter. I do have Katie's ap. Aiming for lighter lunch....quicker...using daylight hours as well as possible...evening dinners a bit more relaxed. Sora is open at night, funny schedule tho, I recall. thx!

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        time of year for your visit?
        the quick lunch in Rome while it may seem intuitive in fact doesnt always give you the benefit you expect because its nice to sit after a long morning of museums or walking, to get out of the glaring midday sun if its summer, to fill up the hours of the long midday closings.at some but certainly not all museums, churches and stores and last but not least to enjoy a local custom...but if you focus on outdoor activities, the places that do not close etc for the midday period you will be fine.

        thanks very much for the update on Sora Margherita, I think things have changed there since we visited some years ago.

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          Jen, this is upcoming, over new years...Dec 17-Jan 4...nothing like the last minute!! :) with sun setting around 4:30 - 5....want to use daylight efficiently. But certainly don't plan a frantic pace either...

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            getting up early is definitely the key - its the only time you can count on being able to visit and actually see the art in churches and such places that are not properly lighted - and are usually closed 12-3.

            Its a great time of year to visit Rome except for the short day problem. Have a great visit and enjoy the season. Have some puntarelle salad for all of us stuck abroad - looking forward to your report!

    2. You've certainly done your homework, and have picked a lot of favorites!

      A few comments: 00100 is in Testaccio, so unless you are over there anyway, it's not really worth a special trip for a quick lunch. But is if your are there, of course.

      Cul de Sac and Chiostro di Bramante are near your place, and so good lunch options if you are back at home. Another simple lunch place is Enoteca Corsi.

      One place you're missing, that you may like and is near you is Settimio al Pelligrino. Very simple trattoria.

      I also like Vino e Camino, which is also near you.

      Have a great trip and happy holidays!


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        well I must give you some credit on my selections. Your app is great, and I appreciate you frequenting this site, as well. the question REALLY is, how to eat this much!!

        Thanks for the tips everyone!! I will report back with my findings...I LOVE this kind of a mission!