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Dec 16, 2013 10:09 AM

Lunchtime Nibble This Wednesday

Going to be around 16th & Walnut until about 11:30 AM. Want to pick up something good (and portable) to eat back at my office. Normally, I stop at a Gyro truck that makes a great lamb sandwich, or grab a slice from SLICE but want to try something new. Any ideas? I might even consider something for dinner later that evening (have a mini-fridge at work).

Suggestions? Would like to keep it walkable...

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  1. Federal Donuts 16th and Sansom. their chicken is worth experiencing. They have wings now too. Korean style chicken and you get a doughnut with it too

    Lukes Lobster Roll lobster or crab roll are good. Also have nice lobster bisque

    Underdogs variety of sausages here is quite good

    Samson Kabob House Lamb kabob or even a kabob salad. 15th and Sansom

    King of Falafel Truck (right across from Love Park 16th and JFK) very good falafel, almost as good as mama's vegetarian which might be too far to walk

    If you want to go the cheesesteak route, Steve's Prince of steaks is on 16th

    Philadelphia Chutney Company 16th and Sansom for their dosas.

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      My bad. I forgot to mention that I had the chicken and you're right. It was yummy. And had Luke's Lobster roll when I was down in Georgetown. Also quite good.

      Since you mentioned the Falafel Truck, was wondering...are there other good food trucks around 30th Street. I head right past there going to work from my appt. Thanks again for your help.

      1. re: Misha

        Pitruco (the pizza truck) at 33rd near Drexel is really good.

      2. re: cwdonald

        +1 Underdogs, Philly Chutney Co (the gobi manchurian is also excellent) and Steve's Prince of Steaks.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Ended up stopping at Federal Donuts for their chicken. This time I had the buttermilk chicken and found it even better than the chilli-glazed. Loved the crispy skin. Somehow I managed to save that for dinner and with the weather as cold as it was, the food was perfectly safe in my trunk.

          For lunch I couldn't resist. Went (again) for the lamb sandwich at the truck right across from my dentist. Was terrific as always.

          Thanks, all for your suggestions!

          1. re: Misha

            Misha thanks for sharing where you went. If you are in the area closer to Reading Terminal you owe it to yourself to visit the Border Springs Stand at RTM. This stand sells lamb products from a farm in Maryland, pature raised lamb that is some of the best I have had. You can purchase lamb to cook at home from chops to a Crown Roast. But the food is worth trying too. They are open for breakfast, and serve a lamb hash with eggs that is to die for. For lunch, they make incredible lamb tacos, but other things as well including lamb pot pie, pulled lamb shoulder sandwiches, smoked leg sandwiches, lamb sausage, lamb burger and lamb kebabs. They make a no name sandwich which is actually a gyro like sandwich but because RTM restrictive marketing rules they cannot call it a gyro even though it is better than any other gyro I have had in Philadelphia.

            1. re: cwdonald

              That sounds incredible! Would head there this weekend if I wasn't going out of town. Will let you know what I think when I try it. That said, not a huge fan of rosemary (just too perfume-y for my taste). Any of those things I should shy away from, CW?

              1. re: Misha

                I havent had anything with much rosemary from Border Springs. They do an amazing smoked leg of lamb that they use for sandwiches but which you can also purchase just sliced. They have a lamb prosciutto too! and those tacos....

        2. I'm a big fan of the arugula taco salad at HipCityVeg