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Dec 16, 2013 09:43 AM

Sedona Recommendations

Please help with recs in Sedona, will be there end of this week for 5 nights. I love Mexican, so Elote looks good for at least 1 night. Any another Mexican or Southwest food suggestions?
WIll be staying at Enchantment and curious for some feedback regarding their restaurants.

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  1. I was at Enchantment this past May and again in Sedona (stayed elsewhere) in October. The two restaurants that I really loved were Elote (terrific Mexican) and Dahl & Di Luca (northern Italian). I expected to like Elote but wasn't so thrilled about no reservations and the fact that practicalities forced us to line up before opening time just to get a table for our party's size.
    Dahl and Di Luca was a real surprise and I wasn't sure if we just ordered the best things on the menu in May by happenstance. Nope the return trip with a bigger group of family members confirmed the food was just really good. When I first walked in it struck me as an over the top old school Italian American place but the food quickly proved this wrong. I had the same great waiter both times and I thanked him for finding my SO's credit card and putting it aside for us. He actually remembered us (or said he did) and comped our table 6 desserts. Very nice touch!

    We ate at Enchantment twice (plus the included breakfasts which we took in our rooms and which were very good) once in the fancy restaurant with lovely night views on the Veranda and once in the more casual restaurant. Both had the gorgeous views which are ubiquitous here but I actually preferred the more casual restaurant that served southwestern fare. The more formal place was very expensive and the food didn't quite match the price point. An appetizer of seasonal wild mushrooms (morels and hen of the woods I think) was great but our entrees were not particularly memorable but they were high quality. I think I had Colorado lamb rack and the SO had beef of some sort.
    I loved eating very good breakfasts on our balcony with, again incomparable views.

    1. Enchantment resort is one of my faves and they changed up the restos.
      Elote Cafe is one of the best but the no reservations is a real pain the ass...get there 10 minutes before they open..Elote app is sublime.
      L'Auberge on Oak Creek.
      Garland Lodge if open is fantastic for for outside guests.
      Dahl & Di luca is great..
      Wildflower Bread Company for lunch..Reds for happy hour...Cowboy Club..Oaxaca for nachos and cold beers and Margs.
      Heard good things about Fork in the road..Heartline Cafe..Rene's and beer at Oak Creek brewery...Picasso is good.

      Jerome for a day trip has the very haunted Grand Hotel with a great restaurant, Asylum.

      We go once a year and love the vortexes...there really is a something to it..ask or go to some of those new age places..

      Hike everywhere..
      Boynton Canyon is magical and the strongest vibe..they have a gate for guests into the trail..hike all the way in..petroglyphs too.

      1. Thanks for the responses. I'll add Dahl to the list; regarding Elote, something about waiting in line for dinner that kind of turns me off, but what the heck, I'll be on vacation with no plans and plenty of time.

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          Waits are up to 3 hours on the weekend at Elote..

          Try and get a casita in the last row of Enchantment resort..