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Dec 16, 2013 08:44 AM

Wand Frothers - Do They Work?

I'd like to get a frother to aerate my hot cocoa and milk for coffee, chai, etc. There are many to choose from and I'm wondering if any of them work. I recently read about the Aerolatte Chef on Rose Levy Beranbaum's blog. It sounds like it has more power than the traditional Aerolatte, it has variable speeds and enough power to whip a small amount of heavy cream. It doesn't seem to be available in stores and I haven't seen any online reviews. It's about $30, so about $10 more than the regular Aerolatte and other wand frothers I've seen. Before I order it, I thought I'd survey my fellow CHers to see if there's a better model out there. I've finally given up my cappuccino machine on the grounds that it takes longer to clean than it does for me to enjoy my beverage but I miss having an option for frothed milk. I like the idea of a wand frother because it doesn't take up much space, but if folks think I'd be happier with something like the Capresso Froth Tech, I'd give it some thought. Either gadget will be smaller than the espresso machine I've deaccessioned.

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  1. i got an aerolatte for hot chocolate... not impressed. i'm not sure the variable speed would be that much more impressive.

    but that capresso gizmo looks pretty sweet! i want to see one in the stores before i commit, however: these small frothers don't live up to the hype IMO because they don't have enough power.

    I'm all for throwing it in the vitamix and seeing what happens!

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      Thanks for the feedback. In my experience, Capresso products perform well and last a long time. The Peet's coffeeshop in my town carries the Capresso frother and Peet's is pretty selective about what equipment it sells, so their selection carries a lot of weight with me. If you live near a Bed, Bath & Beyond, you could get one for 20% off with one of the coupons that are ubiquitous at this time of year. B,B&B has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy so you could always return it if you weren't happy with its performance.

    2. there's this:

      Bellman CX-25 Milk Frother

      I haven't tried it but am looking for a place that sells it cheaper

      1. You might try the $2.50 version from Ikea first - it works pretty well (really well for the price).

        1. I have a Nespresso frother but I love my little $10.00 wand model that uses batteries & just keeps going- also a very tiny footprint on my counter!

          1. I've had the aerolatte for years and I LOVE it!! I heat my milk for coffee in a little glass pitcher in the microwave and can turn about an inch or so of milk into about 4-5 inches of frothed milk heaven in just a few minutes. I also use it for hot chocolate etc. And I love that it's so small, doesn't take up much room in my gadget drawer.

            I will say that I remember there was a little bit of a learning curve using it and I was disappointed at first with the results I got. You have to be careful not to overheat the milk or it doesn't froth as well, (I don't get nearly as much froth in my hot chocolate as I do when I heat milk for coffee.) Also, this might sound weird, but I also noticed that some brands of milk don't froth as well as others. I have no idea why that is, but I remember a few years back, I briefly switched brands and couldn't get the milk to froth no matter how long I kept that wand in there!

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              good to know there is a learning curve - i'll keep trying. i got it to froth the other day, and turned around to do something else.. i looked and suddenly all my froth had literally deflated! i was so sad! and first thing in the morning too...booooooooo