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Dec 16, 2013 08:18 AM

Casa Rubia

Anyone been yet? Any must get dishes? Also, would greatly appreciate your input before this evening.

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  1. The place is great, but as with all tapas restaurants, it's pricey for what you get. Me and the gf/in-laws have been a few times.

    What would you like to know? My favorite dishes there have been:

    1. Jamon iberico de bellota (you can see the pig leg they carve it off right in the front of the open kitchen). The charcuterie plates are great and comes with pickles, generous slices of bread, and jams. If rabbit pate is on offer as a special, get it! It's only a quenelle's worth, but some of the best pate I've ever had.

    2. Quail was outstanding. Succulent, juicy, just perfect.

    3. Octopus is Omar's specialty, but I didn't think it was all that special. It's not rubbery like most places, but the flavors didn't do it for me.

    4. Erizos - kind of a take off Marea's lardo + uni + bread. Casa Rubia adds in a quail egg that is good but doesn't do anything for the dish. It's also only ONE piece of bread, ONE piece of uni, and ONE slice of lardo -- for $8. I know this is tapas, but that's absurd.

    5. Fideua - good but greasy. It also features littleneck clams, not the razor clams that the online menu purports.

    5. Best negroni I've had in Dallas. Very nice if you like them. Other cocktails are authentic but strange (like a calimoxto = red wine + Coca-Cola - seriously).

    6. Desserts are nothing special. I feel that this is due to not having a pastry chef. Omar just does the desserts himself, and I've noticed this weakness at Driftwood as well.

    7. Fantastic wine and sherry selections. Really top notch with knowledgeable staff.

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      That's really helpful, thank you. I was definitely planning on getting the Erizos. Sea urchin and lardo, yes please.

      1. re: demigodh

        Enjoy! Just be wary of the price vs portion size. Yes, the erizos was good, but I have a hard time justifying the price. It's quite literally two bites of food, so you're paying $4 per bite! Even at tapas-level pricing, this is a bit ridiculous.

        The same goes for the jamon iberico de bellota. It's $25 for six slices of ham, essentially. That being said, where else in Dallas are you going to get the vaunted iberico de bellota? The rarity excuses the price and you do get the normal accoutrement that comes with charcuterie, but even still, there's a bit of sticker shock.

        I feel that the larger tapas ("complex"), which are closer to entree size, actually make the better bargain.

        Oh one last thing, the boquerones! If you like anchovies, I would definitely get this. You can occasionally find anchovies served elsewhere, but not like this. Simple, light, and instantly reminded me of San Sebastian.

        1. re: AugustusMedici

          In case you would like to order the Jamon Iberico via mail order, check out these prices.......

    2. To follow up on my original post, I absolutely enjoyed Casa Rubia. Here is a quick summary of what I had:

      Jamon Iberico de Bellota - This is the expensive one. It was fantastic I would not order it again. I'm happy I've had it but would sooner have good salumi shipped in than pay for that ham.

      Croquetas - These were flavorless, like bland hushpuppies. No discernible seafood flavor at all.

      Lamb Belly - This was fantastic, highly recommend.

      Erizos - toast with uni, quail egg, and jamon iberico lardo on top. If that doesn't read as a must order to you, we're from different planets.

      Rabbit - Also fantastic, highly recommend.

      1. central market on lovers also carries jamon iberico