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How long can I keep beef in the freezer?

We have beef from Dec. 2011? I'm not sure if it is still good.

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  1. Just the other day I found a hunk of lamb from 11/11. Cooked it up and it was fine. It had been FoodSavered. It's not going to make you sick if that's your question but it could be freezer burned and not taste so wonderful. I cooked the lamb in a dish with a lot of flavor but I did tasted it after browning and it was good to go.

    Oops, just realized this should be in Home Cooking or General Topics. I'll flag it.

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      Defrost and look at it, trim any freezer burned areas but if well wrapped it should be fine.

    2. Agree with everyone else. I have had meat for at least that long and it was still

      1. According to my go-to source for such info, StillTasty.com, beef frozen to 0°F or below will stay edible indefinitely, but is only at its best qualitywise for 6 - 12 months.

        1. I would think it would depend how it was wrapped? Vacuum sealed? Totally fine, and would probably be totally fine in another 2 years. In the grocery store packaging just thrown in there? Eh, probably will have fell victim to freezer burn.

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            I agree on the wrapping making all the difference. I think the type of freezer can as well. I have an upright that gets opened once every two or three weeks and have eaten well wrapped two year old beef that was completely fine. On the other hand, I have had stuff only a couple months old get freezer burned in the freezer part of the fridge.

          2. Have a Foodsaver... found at a thrift store... swear by it for finding nothing that gets lost and becomes garbage. I wouldn't think twice about something properly sealed that was a year old.

            1. It is not toxic to eat, but it likely has a lot of freezer burns.

              1. I agree with Julie, it depends on how it was wrapped.

                Several years ago, after not paying enough attention to what was put into our upright freezer, I found three one pound t-bone steaks in the back of the freezer completely freezer burned in a Ziplock bag. I then began to keep a list of itemszin the freezer. I have kept track for several years now. I have not had to throw out any meat since those steaks.

                1. You're not going to die from eating it.

                  But you might die trying to eat it.

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                    Maybe it can be donated to a local hockey team as a spare puck .....