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Dec 16, 2013 06:55 AM

La Brea Bakery chocolate cherry bread--what happened? Where to find it?

Harris Teeter used to carry, during the holiday season, a wonderful chocolate cherry bread from La Brea bakery. This year they apparently aren't carrying it. Anyone know what happened? The bread kiosk manager didn't seem to know. More importantly, anyone know where it can be found in DC or Maryland suburbs?

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  1. That is some good bread!

    1. Shoppers also carries LaBrea, but don't get your hopes up. There's no mention of this bread on the LaBrea Bakery web site.

      You could always try asking the company directly at their "Contact Us" link:

      1. There's a bakery in Philly that makes a chocolate-sour cherry loaf that's similar to Nancy Silverton's and they will overnight ship their bread. However, I think the chocolate-cherry is seasonal for February for them.

        1. I believe Wegman's carries something similar, I know I've seen it there, but it might be "seasonal" for Valentine's day. I'm going out to the Fairfax store today, I'll check on it.

          LaBrea also used to carry a fabulous fruit & nut bread at this time of year [w/prunes! and figs! and orange zest!], but they've eliminated that too in favor of cranberry walnut or something equally dull.

          1. I saw chocolate cherry bread at the Whole Foods in Vienna yesterday. Didn't buy it, but it looked good.