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Dec 15, 2013 09:50 PM

Salt and pepper shrimp at Jeng Chi

Have you guys tried this dish at Jeng Chi yet? I never thought their dumpings were a big deal, but for my money, this is the best fried shrimp in all of Dallas.

It's lightly panfried, salt and pepper as the name implies, and dusted liberally in green onions. What's more, they actually fry them already peeled except for a small part by the tail. It's perfect for gripping by the shell and ripping out all shrimp flesh in one bite. I've never understood why restaurants fry with the shell still on. Are you really supposed to eat hard crunchy shell shards in addition to shrimp meat? Ridiculous and yet so common.

Freaking delicious. I usually add soy sauce and that red chili paste condiment as a sauce.

I'm not one to take photos at a restaurant, but I'll try to find a pic.

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  1. I have to agree with you regarding the dumplings at Jeng Chi. They're good but, there are better dumplings in town. Namely, Monkey King in Deep Ellum.

    I've seen the shrimp dish you mentioned on the menu but I've never tried it. I will next time.
    Sounds good.

    I have no problem eating shrimp fried in their shells. I think the shell adds extra flavor.

    I'm kind of addicted to their leek pancakes and twice cooked pork.

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      Oh wow, a response from twinwillow himself! You and that Myrnkoff Katz lady practically write the City of Ate articles yourselves!

      Yes, the leek pancake is awesome. I've been eating that since I was a little kid at their former location. I'm a big fan of their pork in garlic sauce and their zha jiang mein (noodle with ground pork sauce) as well. But I find myself gravitating back towards the salt and pepper shrimp more often than not. I'm impressed that they fry the shrimp with the shells off yet still maintain their large size! You'd think they would shrink to tiny morsels in the hot frying oil, but they mitigate that somehow. I just think it's a vastly superior preparation than shells-on.

      I'm trying to find the gems of Chinese restaurants in Dallas, but it's a hard slosh. I have no idea what to order sometimes, and these places can be less than helpful. It seems like Chinese restaurants almost pride themselves on terrible service.

      On another note, have you tried the soup dumplings at Yao Fuzi or Shanghai Restaurant (635 and Preston)? I really liked Shanghai's and have never been to Yao Fuzi but hear it's good.

      1. re: AugustusMedici

        Both soup dumplings are reasonable at Yao Fuzi and Shanghai.....neither of them are stellar. This might sound strange but I would really hold any cravings for the SGV in LA for your soup dumplings. Places like Din Tai Fung are well worth the wait and the trip.

        If you have any questions about any Chinese restaurants please feel free to ask. It is not really the bad service it is the fear that the waitstaff have to explain dishes that most American tastes will not like. A good majority of the waitstaff have a problem with English translations. Items like sweetbreads, bloodcake, and intestines are a hard sell and hard to translate especially since most places around here don't use the entire animal.

        I have had no real problems going into the more authentic places around town. I try to steer clear of the Americanized restaurants because I just do not prefer that style anymore.

        My favorites are:
        Sichuan King
        Royal Sichuan
        Little Sichuan
        Little Sheep
        Noodle House
        Mister Shabu Shabu
        Senmiya (which might be closed?)
        King's Noodles
        Hong Kong Royal

        I will go to Jeng Chi on an every so often occasion.....not usually on my regular rotation.

        If you need dish tips or who to ask for, what is in the dishes, etc please let me know.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Senmiya has a sign that says they are temporarily closed for construction. No ETA

    2. I've had the salt and pepper shrimp at Jeng Chi but I had a starkly different opinion of it. It was the worst salt & pepper shrimp I've had, however it was my first S&P shrimp dish in the DFW area. The dish was rubbery, overcooked,woefully underseasoned, and missing the shells and heads which (if fresh and cooked properly are delectable- I strongly dislike the shell-off approach) I happen to enjoy. I ate three pieces and gave up, there was no point to eating it. I also ordered their soup dumplings which had a rank funkyness (and no, it wasn't the vinegar) to it that had me wondering whether I had an off-batch, or the poor hog that was ground up had a short, suffering life.

      This was my first excursion to Richardson for dim sum & Chinese food, the drive wasn't worth it and I left every disappointed. Unless I happened across this restaurant on a very, very odd and bad day I am not too optimistic if this restaurant is considered among the better ones. I've been looking for a dim sum restaurant to take the family out, since half of us have relocated to Texas, I think I'd rather try someplace different than give Jeng Chi another shot.