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Dec 15, 2013 06:49 PM

Cannoli shells

Where can I buy cannoli shells in either the Boston area or the South Shore?

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  1. I buy them at Royale in East Cambridge, but I believe they are made at a wholesale place in Everett and most Italian bakeries use the same source, so you might try Antoines in Newton or any other Italian bakery near you.

    1. I think Golden Cannoli in Somerville will sell retail. You can buy them at Capones as well [I don't know if they make their own or not.]

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      1. re: smtucker

        They do sell a variety of retail boxes.

      2. Modern Pastry (No.End and Medford) will sell them to you.

        1. Golden Cannoli moved from Somerville to Chelsea. Here's a fun video: According to the video they make 100 thousand a day! Having watched this I'm not sure anybody actually makes Cannoli except these guys.

          The Somerville factory used to take "walk in's" so maybe the new place does too. They also have an online store - ... now i need to arrange an event were a gross of cannoli can be consumed.

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            Interesting. The signs are still up in Somerville, and the trucks still roll out of the parking lot without noticing if there are cars already in the right of way. If I have a moment, I will have to stop and take a closer look.

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              Bhyde, you are one cool CH! Finally I have learned how they form these! Who knew 'hand made" was such a big part of the mfg process of these? fascinating;thx so much.