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Dec 15, 2013 05:47 PM

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee at TJ's in Arlington

I usually stock up on whole bean Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee when I'm in NYC, hitting McNulty's in the West Village. Today I noticed that Trader Joe's in Arlington has whole bean Jamaican Blue for only $20 a pound, which is much less than the $40 to $50 a pound at McNulty's. Anyone know if it would be of similar quality?

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  1. Check the fine print. I vaguely remember shopping at a TJ's and seeing "Jamaica Blue".... then reading more and discovering it was either a blend that contained some JB or a coffee in the style of JB or both... That's not to say the same thing is going on this time, but at the price you mention, it seems entirely possible (at least to me).

    1. Check the weight too. They tend to package their coffee in 12 vs. 16 ounce containers. I've not tried this, but I did try one or two of their coffees and didn't like them.

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      1. re: Steve L

        Good point on the package size. Still that's an odd price. Cheap for a Blue mountain coffee, but rather high for a "style of" or even a blend. Definitely read the fine print.

        Of course, like in all things, there are good beans and not-so-good, so it could be 100% JB, but the dregs.

      2. I'd be curious to know the roast-date of the TJ blue mountain. Caveat emptor best describes buying coffee at a grocery, particularly if you are shelling out more for a higher quality bean. Stale coffee isn't worth much regardless of where the beans are from.

        There are certain things I love at Trader Joe's but when it comes to anything that sounds too good to be true, I've learned time and time again with TJ's that their motto should be "Over-promise, under-deliver."

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        1. re: Klunco

          MUCH better to buy the least expensive coffee from the best roaster than to buy the most expensive coffee from the cheapest chain retailer. (Barismo, Barrington, Howell, etc.) My humble snob opinion, of course.