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Dec 15, 2013 04:32 PM

Very specific New Year's Eve request

Hi all! Before I start, just want to say I promise I've done my research by searching this board AND searching other online sites for Bay Area New Year's events. That being said, I can't seem to find what I want! We are two couples, 30 somethings, and two out of the four of us do not drink at all. Also, two out of the four of us are very into food. Here's our requests;

-We're not interested in paying for an open bar, both for the environment the event tends to become, and because it's a waste of money for our party. (If that's your thing, more power to you, no judgement!)
-We don't care if it's prix fixe as long as it's good and has choices for extreme foodies and people who go along for the ride.
-We don't care about price if it has everything we want.
-I secretly love the fireworks, so bonus points for fitting that in. We'd even go outside the city for that (Marin, etc.)
-It'd be nice to go to a place where everyone is dressing up. It doesn't have to be black tie, but something fun and out of the ordinary.
-We don't want to be the oldest or youngest people there.

I intially thought about the NYE event at Epic Roasthouse, but I can't find anything on it this year. Any other ideas?

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  1. Have you considered La Folie? I have spent a few NYE there, and really enjoyed it. It feels like a very special time on NYE.
    They have two seatings.
    The food is wonderful--certainly stellar enough to satisfy foodies, and there is an optional wine pairing for 100 USD per person.
    Most people dress to the nines, including a few in black tie. They decorate with streamers, balloons, and offer party hats and noisemakers.

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      That sounds pretty good! Any other ideas?

    2. Places along Embarcadero will be close to fireworks, and there are at least four fit for foodies: La Mar, Coqueta, Slanted Door and Hardwater. Don't know their NYE menus/drink arrangements.

      1. I've spent my last few NYE with a group of 6 at Nihon Whiskey Lounge. We tend to arrive at 8, take our time, then skedaddle at 11 to ring in the New Year at home. But others of course stay there through midnight.

        There's no open bar but of course there is a bar, and tasty Japanese food, and a buzzy/loungey atmosphere, but not too crazy, and people dress nicely, but not black tie.

        It does not fit the fireworks criterion though...

        1. We went to Piperade a couple of years ago with another couple. Great food and just a couple of blocks from the fireworks.

          1. Great ideas everyone! I think we may have waited too long though, things are already booked for late night dinners. I made a reservation at Town Hall just to have something. Doesn't fit the fancy bill, but seems to fit everything else. Hopefully La Folie or other restaurants will open up.