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Dec 15, 2013 06:30 AM

Turkey Tails [Split from ISO Turkey Tails thread, SF]

Now tell us how you're going to cook them!!!

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  1. I think we're going to simmer them until tender in adobo sauce--vinegar, garlic, bay leaf, and soy sauce or achiote--then roast them to try to crisp them up a bit.

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    1. re: pilinut

      Sounds good. Please report back...with pix if possible.

        1. re: c oliver

          Thanks for the link! I hadn't seen that before, but the adobo sauce looks similar, if somewhat lacking in garlic.

          It'll be a week or so before we get around to cooking the tails, but I'll try to post back.

          1. re: pilinut

            I may do them today! I have some kale and collards that need eating and some leftover rice. Sounds like an easy dinner.

          2. re: c oliver

            Tks c oliver: the recipe on that link sounds very tasty!

            1. re: RWCFoodie

              What DID we all do before Google???? :)

        2. Normally we just slow-roast alongside the Turkey. They're great straight up or for a special treat, a quick dip into the fryer and into the Buffalo Wing sauce. We can't keep them in stock at our restaurant on Game Days.

          Or you could go all the way and smoke 'em:

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              I see a DDD episode in your future.......

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                  Uh oh Guy is comin'!! I'd watch that episode and the reruns that play over and over every day

                  1. re: fldhkybnva

                    As others have reported, it's really sort of a mixed blessing....

            2. re: acgold7

              I think smoking is a great idea!
              After cooking I refrigerated as the recipe suggested in order to remove the fat. Hours later when I got ready to do that the fat, and there's a TON of it, hadn't yet congealed. I decided to save them for tonight so I can lift the fat off easily.

            3. Followup. I'm attaching pix cause this is one of picture/thousand word things IMO. They have an AMAZING amount of fat on them as you can see. And it never gets quite as hard as some fats do after refrigerating. I can understand why they've been banned as unhealthy in some countries :) But we liked them and will do them again. Next time, if using this recipe, I'll cook them longer at super low to get them tender. I'm also going to use them for making stock. Look at the pot that has the 'jus.' Even after removing as much fat as I did, this was solid when I put it in the pot. I also like the idea of smoking them. Since I seem to be able to get them easily, I want to put a couple of packs in the freezer for just whenever the mood strikes. I really appreciate this subject being brought up.

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              1. re: c oliver

                As I mentioned, I was going to cook these much slower next time. Well, yesterday I heated up the meat and the sauce, put in a small pan, covered with foil. Into a 250 oven for a couple of hours and out came the richest, most over the top deliciousness I never could have imagined :) I considered tossing my menu for Christmas and serving these instead. Seriously they were that good. They put out even more fat but I just drizzled over the meat along with some rice and sauteed kale and mushrooms. So rich that Bob and I could only eat one each. These have just gone high on the list of repeat dishes.

              2. Turkey tails yet again!

                I cooked them 30 minutes on top of the stove and then did 2 hours in a 225 oven. Perfectly tender. I removed the meat from the broth and refrigerated the broth. Got rid of quite a bit of the fat. Reheated in the MW. Then onto a hot grill for a few minutes per side. Reduced the broth some while they were grilling.

                These are going to be a regular around our house. So flavorful and super tender when done this way.

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                1. re: c oliver

                  Nice! I'd say you're on a roll. Where are you getting all of these turkey tails?

                  1. re: fldhkybnva

                    Okay, I'll jump in. Depending upon where you live they can be hard to find. When we lived in SoCal, many of the supers had them, but up here in Seattle, you have to hunt pretty hard. Many specialty poultry butchers or meat stores may have some if they do a lot of taking apart of the birds on their own and have them left over, but otherwise you might have to order them from a restaurant supply house by the case (as we sometimes do when we run out of those that naturally come on all our birds).

                    Ethnic markets may or may not have them. I assumed they all would but mostly they just looked at me like I was crazy.

                    1. re: acgold7

                      I've only found them in our Latino market.

                2. Just mad TBTs aka turkey butt tacos! Oh yeah. Super duper.