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Dec 15, 2013 02:53 PM

London Jan 2014 Itinerary -- Feedback welcome

Hi there! I am visiting Paris and London this Dec/ Jan with my fiance. Its his first time to both cities. Below, please find my current reservations/ plans for our time.

Jan 2 - Looking for a pre-theatre option; tickets to the Light Princess at National Theatre (Tori Amos' musical); after drinks at Kettner's Champagne Bar

Jan 3 - Tea at Modern Pantry and dinner at Tayyab

Jan 4 - Clos Maggiore

We will fill other meals with pubs. I'm trying to mix-up experiences, but also don't want to venture too far from where we are staying (W London).

Welcome all feedback!

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  1. The National Theatre has some nice restaurants right there. I particularly like the one that serves tapas...the Terrace Bar & Grill. I've never eaten at Mezzanine, but I'd expect it's also quite good. Do book ahead if you eat there as it gets quite full.

    RSJ on Coin St. near the theatres is also quite popular. I haven't been there for awhile, but the food was good.

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    1. On 2 January what about Koya - no reservations but shouldn't be an issue on that day pre-theatre, wonderful Udon place.

      Arbutus is great for British produce and has a very good pre-theatre menu and is a short walk from Kettners.

      Gauthier is lovely too and next door to Kettners but very French so I would probably avoid.

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      1. Kettner's isn't a great place, tho if its just drinks I guess why not. Personally, I'd pop into a hotel nearby-ish in Mayfair/Bond Street, probably either Browns hotel or the bar at the Connaught.

        National Theatre is in Southbank so try either Jose or Pizzarro for Spanish or Zucca for Italian. All great choices with cool pubs and bars in vicinity if you're planning on getting hammered before intentionally listening to works by Tori Amos as I would.

        Lots to say about Tayyab's here, check for posts by Howler. He likes 1 or 2 thing there, and possibly recommends somewhere else more.

        Pub food at Bull and Last, or pre-National Theatre at the Anchor and Hope. It's a great pub with very good very british food (one of the 1st gastropubs).

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        1. re: brokentelephone

          OK - I've read that Kettner's is not that great, and the original recc did not come from Chowhound.

          I've got Bull and Last on the list, and will add Anchor and Hope.

          I'm so confused about Indian food and basically just gave up and made reservations with Tayyabs, but will reconsider.

          My fiance appreciates your comment regarding Tori Amos and I forgive you. :) Thanks much!

          1. re: KateMPH

            One tip about Anchor & Hope... they don't take reservations so go early if you want to avoid crowds.

            You won't go wrong eating Indian food at Cafe Spice Namaste or many of the other good places in London. The Cinnamon Club is a lovely venue and a modern take on Indian cuisine.

            1. re: KateMPH

              Please keep in mind that at Tayyabs, the smell of their cooking will stick to whatever you wear for *quite* a while!

              I made the mistake of dining there right after work in one of my fave business suits. 2 days later, I still smelt like a Tayyabs kitchen-hand if I put the same suit on. I had to send that, and my overcoat to the drycleaners, unless I wish to bring the scent of the Spice Islands into my office.

              1. re: klyeoh

                "unless I wish to bring the scent of the Spice Islands into my office."

                This would be a bad thing?

                1. re: Harters

                  Don't think I'd want a colleague to come up and ask, "Hey, is that your lunchbox I smell"?

                  "No, it's me".

            2. re: brokentelephone

              I completely agree with this - I presumed there was some reason for Kettners but the bars at Rules, Savoy or Connaught are much better. Or even in Soho I would go to Dean St Townhouse or even better the bar at Quo Vadis.

              1. re: ManInTransit

                OK - Kettner's is out. I'm not sure what to think about Tayyabs -- reviews are all over the place, including for the Cinnamon Club.

                My fiance loves really, really spicy food, is there any place that stands out for providing such?

                Thanks again for all the comments.