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Dec 15, 2013 01:58 PM

Legal C Bar, Lynnfield Marketplace Mall

My DC and I had tried the Legal C Bar at the Marketplace Mall in Lynnfield once before and had enjoyed the food and service so last night, with the snow starting to fall and not wanting to drive into Boston we decided to try it again. When we arrived the restaurant and bar were quite busy but not full. We asked one of the hosts, Joe, if we could sit in one of the booths. He told us that if we were willing to wait about 5 minutes a party was about to leave and as soon they could reset the table he would seat us. After about 10 minutes Joe came over and apologized that there had been some confusion and our booth had been given to another party. He asked if a table would be okay and then promptly seated us. Shortly after being a seated Joe came over and asked if we were planning to order seafood and when we said yes he presented us with a complimentary shrimp cocktail to apologize for the mistake. We felt that this was an extremely nice gesture for what was really a minor mistake.

Our waitress for the evening was Kathryn and she could not have done a better job. She told us that the featured cocktail of the evening was a Hot Buttered Rum which sounded perfect for a cold snowy night during the holiday season. The drink was excellent with a nice mix of spices and a slight lemon taste. Kathryn also recommended the Hoisen Mahi Mahi they were featuring which also turned out to be very good. It was served with a sweet potato purée and sautéed green beans. To start we had one of their new apps called Bang Bang Cauliflower which is quick fried cauliflower tossed with a spicy Kung Pao type sauce. It made a great starter. My DC was only drinking Diet Coke and when Kathryn noticed that her glass was getting empty she came back with a fresh refill without us having to ask. We were very impressed with Kathryn's personal yet professional service throughout the dinner.

I know that the various Legal Seafood restaurants get a lot of mixed reviews and comments on this board and like many others we have had some less than good experiences at times but last night we couldn't have asked for more. The food was very, very good, the service was excellent and the attention we received from Joe and Kathryn made it a very pleasant evening. Nice to see a restaurant trying hard to please their customers.

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  1. Looking forward to heading over to the new Lynnfield Marketplace.

    1. Agree w above. Have been 3x, mostly chowing at the bar. Food , service and atmosphere nothing less than excellent every time. So glad to welcome to the hood!

      1. that's nice to hear, cuz a lot of service is so bad these days. I think Marketstreet places are trying hard to please, cuz we have similar experiences re service at Yard House. Although much more casual, they always go out of there way and accommodate any requests. Once we got real chicken instead of veggie chix by mistake and the manager was very apologetic and when we went to pay the bill, he had taken care of it! Once we got pizza and they decided the first wasn't sliced neatly enough and brought us two...Good service makes such a difference because its horrible when you spend your hard earned $ and go out of your way for a special nite and rude service ruins it..

        1. We decided to try Legal C Bar tonight and had a great experience. After looking at the menu, we couldn't decide on just one of the appetizer, so we decided to try several instead of ordering entrees. We ordered 1) oysters (merry, naked cowboy, kusshi), well-shucked and very fresh, 2) the sriracha popcorn shrimp, which was fried popcorn shrimp mixed with kettle corn with a sriracha dipping sauce - very creative, 3) the bang bang cauliflower that RoyRon described above, and 4) the crab and pepperoni pizza. We finished with the bananas foster for dessert and an espresso for hubby (which was bottomless, by the way). Everything we ate was very well prepared, the service was very attentive, and the vibe is really fun. We'll definitely be back.

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            sounds like a good place to try.. we always end up at yardhouse... Interesting about the shrimp, cuz when I was in Ecuador years ago, they always served shrimp ceviche which was red sauce based, with a cup of popcorn!