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Dec 15, 2013 01:45 PM

Black Brick

Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. I got only a small sample of a few items (szechuan pepper spiced peanuts, jellyfish salad, cold chicken thighs w chili oil) during a visit the day before they opened, but what I tried - and what I saw in the works - was excellent. Itching to get back to try the rest of the menu, which looks great

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      I had a much larger sampling last night which included the dishes frod tried and had a great meal. I recommend anything in particular that has noodles or noodle wrappings i.e. dan dan noodles, wonton soup, pork flatbread (comes out like a large dumpling).

      Besides the noodles, the cold chicken thighs and especially the ma po tofu, really stood out.

      The peanuts and jellyfish are very good starter options as well.

      They said they are going to slowly be rolling out dim sum starting today btw.

      Frod, perhaps we should arrange a full menu takedown once the full dim sum menu is rolling...

      1. re: tpigeon

        I think we might have to give Black Brick a try this week before the holiday tourists arrive.

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            Edit -- nevermind xmas -- blackbrick is doing a special dinner xmas night.

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          Update: paid my first official visit last night. I had high hopes and wasn't disappointed. They are still basically in soft open mode and the menu is gradually being expanded, but everything we had was very good to great and service was very efficient. Laobing w charsiu pork, dandan mien, gung bao rabbit, "Three Treasures" veg in particular all recommended, as well as those cold chicken thighs I had before.

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            Across the street from sakaya kitchen

          2. We just called and they do not take reservations! Not sure how busy they are and if we should chance getting in tomorrow night. Has anyone been there for dinner this week, and if so was there a wait.

            1. We tried Black Brick last night. The parking was tight, only one space on the street available at 6:30. I don't think there was any parking available in the area when we left, and no valet anywhere.

              The food was good, not great and certainly not close to what we have had on our trips to China.

              The won ton soup was made Hong Kong style, great roast pork, dumplings and noodles that were much too thick to even resemble any soup noodles in Hong Kong. That bowl of soup could be a meal in itself!

              We also sampled the scallops, they were okay, The dandan noodles were the same noodles that were in our soup, not the thinner noodles that are used throughout China. They were very tasty with a little heat. I would not order the flat bread again, much too doughy. We also had a mixed veggie dish with tofu that had lots of mushrooms which was pretty good.

              There were a few tables taken outside and we were the only people inside other than 3 folks at the bar.

              We live in North Dade and I'm not sure we would go down to mid town again to Black Brick. It is certainly better than the local Chinese restaurants in Miami, but not worth a return trip unless we were in the area already.

              1. Yes and I love what Chef Hales and crew are doing.

                Must start with the Chinese Roti Prata with his special spices.
                Then try the Hong Kong Style Wonton Soup. Nice broth with good house-made noodles and pork.

                The only dim sum I've tried was the Cumin Lamb Dumplings which had some nice heat.

                Dishes to get

                Pork Char Siu Laobing Chinese Bing

                Numbing and Hot Chinese Spareribs with Cilantro

                Dandan Mian Berkshire Pork, Sesame Paste, Sichuan Pepper and crushed peanuts.

                Yeung Chow Duck Fried Rice featuring great Duroc Bacon, Lap Chung Sausage, Roast Duck and Egg.

                Spicy Dry Wok Green Beans

                Twice Cooked Kale in Chili Bean Past

                Chilled Poached Chicken Thighs Skin On with Spring Onion and Spicy Sichuanese Sauce

                Three Treasures- Di San Xian Swank Farms Eggplant, Peppers and Potato.

                Gung Bao Rabbit- roasted fresh chili peanut, jalapeño Sichuan pepper

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                1. re: The Chowfather

                  I'm probably dropping in tomorrow to get some takeout which I will likely use Sunday for Super Bowl eats.

                  Any on this list that would be particularly most (or least) recommended for reheating?

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    I would ask the chef, but the egg rolls are awesome (I am normally not into egg rolls).

                    1. re: CFByrne

                      Noodles don't travel particularly well. You'll want to get the egg rolls out of the box so they don't steam and get soggy. Everything else out to do pretty well.

                      1. re: CFByrne

                        I've done takeout before and it's packaged right and traveled well. Of course, you can't beat fresh off the wok... but still better than no BB