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Dec 15, 2013 01:36 PM

Christmas in LA

I will be spending Christmas week in LA. Any suggestions for good grub in Hollywood on Xmas Day? Was even thinking Chinese - probably more likely to be open. Any suggestions are appreciated for this first time visitor.

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  1. If you want to stick close to Hollywood (will you have a car?) then Bao would be an option. Check to see if they are open on Christmas as I don't know if they are, or not.

    Guess they are not open as I ran a quick Open Table test and there were no slots available within 2.5 hours of 7PM for 2 people...which to me means that they are closed that night.

    ADD: If you don't mind deli food Greenblatt's will be open I am sure since their website has this slogan prominently displayed "Open From 9 A.M. Until 2 A.M. 365 Days A Year!".

    1. At the high (and not necessarily authentic or, in the latter case, even good) end, both Chi-Lin (on Sunset near Doheny Pan-Asian) and Phillipe Chow (on Wilshire between La Cienega and Robertson) are open Christmas Day. It is also possible that Mao's Chinese Kitchen and/or PingTung Eat-In Market, both on Melrose between Fairfax and La Brea, might be open. If you will have a car, your best bet would be to drive to the San Gabriel Valley.

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        Many thanks, we will have a car so will explore your recommendations. Happy holidays!

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          And to you as well! The San Gabriel Valley really offers you the best quality and variety of Chinese cuisine (lots of different regions represented)--if you check the archives on here, there are many excellent posts that will help you decide which best suits you, for example:

      2. I'm going to be visiting the area for christmas as well. I would have rather gone to one of the many outstanding chinese places in the SGV but my better half likes to get reservations and avoid waits. I ended up getting reservations at Gordon ramsays at london west hollywood. always wanted to try his wellington... also looked at suset @ the luxe. menu looked nice and reasonably priced.