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Dec 15, 2013 11:43 AM

Concord's Crucolo Day with 400-pound cheese wheel

A news item about Crucolo Day and parade in Concord, MA caught my eye. Mostly because the honoree was a 400-pound wheel of Italian cheese that I was not familiar with. Actually my favorite part of the reporting was reading that the name of the Concord Cheese Shop cheese buyer is Brie Hurd.

Apparently Crucolo cheese is the product of just one producer in the Trentino regions of Italy and available in three types.

Looking for info here, I found this one rec by cheesehound, DonShirer,

Who else recommends this cheese?

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  1. I have to say, I don't think that the Crucolo is all that...I tried it; yeah...
    BUT; I have to say this here, Concord Cheese Sop, and their owner, Peter Lovis, rock! Truly! This is my favorite cheese shop in the Boston area, even more than Formaggio, the big gun...You have to wait in line to be served, but each cheese monger basicly demos their cheese line to your specification. They ask you what you like, they make recommendations; they treat each customer with love...They don't care that other people are waiting...
    They treat their staff well, they treat their cheese well...
    I love the Concord Cheese Shop. I love Peter. It's my favorite place to do cheese tastings..

    And they make a killer veggie sandwich... ;)

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      And I love your post! But what about Ms. Brie Hurd? ;)

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        She is indeed a longtime employee and cheese affineur...Peter starts his people on summer work; if they last the summer, they can come back at THX and Xmas holidays to work, when there is an incredible crowd in the store....Brie started there, but she never left!

    2. I'm very fond of Crucolo. It's not an attention-getter, just a solid everyday cheese, good for snacking and sandwiches. I get it at Di Palo's on Grand St. in Manhattan. The counter guy always tells me that the cheese comes from happy cows whose legs are shorter on one side than the other, because they live on a mountain.