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Dec 15, 2013 11:24 AM

Sweet potato recipes for folks who hate sweet potatoes?

My husband and I are in the minority, I know. We both hate sweet potatoes. Every year at Thanksgiving, I would be tasked by by sister-in-law to make the repulsive sweet potato casserole.

I recently joined a CSA. Being new to the program I didn't know it was possible to opt out of certain items and substitute others in its place. That is how I ended up with two pounds of sweet potatoes.

Can anyone offer recipe suggestions for these little buggers that might appeal to sweet 'tater haters like ourselves?

p.s. I'm already planning to make these:

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  1. You can use them in a curried soup with coconut milk.

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    1. I have that issue with my in laws, they only like sweet potatoes with marshmallows and I refuse to make them that way. I did get my BIL to eat them made with cream and chipotle, a very popular recipe you can find here on Chowhound. And the leftovers are great tossed into a soup...or maybe even just make soup with them? Sub for butternut squash, I do it all the time.

      1. Sweet potato pound cake is good, but I suggest you just bake the potatoes until tender, then open and taste one with just butter, or sour cream, S&P. They are sweet but not nearly as sweet as candied or casserole versions. Just put the condiments on a little bit of one potato. Then, if you don't like them as a side dish that way, cool the remainder and make the pound cake. Bake them at 300-350 because the higher you go, the more caramelly they will be. Use a parchment-lined pan - the pricked potatoes will ooze syrup that will stick like the melted sugar it is.

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          Don't like most sweet potato dishes either because of all the sugary syrup marshmallow topping but I will eat them with savory ingredients. I like them in chicken & sweet potato chowder, coconut sweet potato chowder, and pureed sweet potato soup with east Indian spices like cumin crushed mustard seeds, ginger, hot paprika, and masala seasoning.

          I like to use sweet potatoes in a potato hash instead of white potatoes, my recipe is on the WFD thread. For something sweet, sweet potato layer cake with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream and candied pecans is a winner.

        2. Ever tried them roasted in olive oil with some herbs (e.g. rosemary or thyme), salt, and pepper?

          I'm still not a big sweet potato fan and for years I hated them. I think it was because I associate them with those cloyingly sweet candied yam dishes. However, I've found that I like them in more savory preparations.

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            I am not a fan of the cloyingly sweetness of the traditional casserole. I've also had a sweet potato dish that was kind of like scalloped potatoes. The potatoes may have been too old since they were fibrous and tough.

          2. This one from Rachael Ray sounds really good:

            Also, using hot and sweet, such as chipotle in adobo and brown sugar.