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Dec 15, 2013 11:14 AM

Bryant's or Brother Junipers

Can only do one Breakfast in Memphis. What are the main differences between the two? Coming from the west coast. Would like grits, biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. As far as atmosphere, which one seems to have a more authentic, local, relaxed feel?

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  1. Bryant's is far from relaxed. As a matter of fact, it's somewhat of a circus. You order at the counter at Bryant's. Brother Juniper's has table service.

    Bryant's is very Southern traditional. No frills. Bacon, eggs, buiscuits, basic omelet, etc. Brother Juniper's has a bit more options with vegetables, about 20 different omelets, potato dishes, etc.

    Bryant's is cash only if you go. Check out their two websites for the menus.

    Both are authentic and local, just in different ways. I would say Bryant's has more of a blue collar crowd and Juniper's has more of a college crowd, but there is plenty of crossover.

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      Thanks, good info. Maybe relaxed was the wrong word I was looking for. Sounds like Bryant's is more of what I'm looking for. Brother Junipers sounds more like what I can find back home in the SF Bay Area breakfast wise .

    2. Enjoy...and don't forget the cash.

      1. Bryant's. Country ham, egg and cheese on a biscuit. Or if you have no time to eat for the next 24 hours, go with the breakfast sampler. If you do this, try to have some place to go where you can take a nap for awhile as you will need it!