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Dec 15, 2013 10:22 AM

Peeling a half boiled egg... Ready to lose my shit over here...

I'm trying to make scotch eggs, and I love my yolks runny. So it says to boil the eggs for 3 minutes instead of 6 (as I'll be deep frying and then baking after)... But I can't get the eggs peeled! They always split and fall apart while trying to get the shells off.

I tried 4 minutes, same thing. I tried buying better eggs (organic free range from costco) and while they're better, I'm still like 0 for 6.

Any tricks?

Video I'm trying to follow is:

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  1. Try using eggs which are less fresh. As eggs age, they lose some buoyancy, so can be tested by immersing them in water.

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      No, they *gain* buoyancy because the air pocket increases with age.

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        That's correct. I wrote it backwards. Thanks.

    2. The trick is to use older eggs, as they form a layer between the shell, I also use a splash of vinegar in the water.

      1. I've heard it helps to add baking soda to the water as well (but I wouldn't do that with vinegar, one of the other).

        When all else fails, have you considered getting some of those "Eggies"? They're an infomercial product that came out a few years ago. They're basically egg shaped plastic cups you crack the eggs into then poach them in the container.

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          1. Steam them. 14 minutes for hard cooked eggs, less for what you are looking for... Maybe half that time, less than half?

            After steaming, plunge them into ice water and crack them together a little to break the shell, until cool. The shells will peel off easily because the membrane will have water under it, expand with the temperature change, and will slide off instead of stick.
            I do this with fresh eggs (right from my chickens) and they peel easily.

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              I also swear by the ice water right after cooking