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Dec 15, 2013 09:40 AM

Any new restaurants you're looking forward to or wanting to try?

We're actually going to get a Danish restaurant???

Well, I'm hopeful it will have some authentic dishes from the old country instead of just 'inspired by' dishes but I'm desperate for anything Scandinavian other than Ikea so I'm looking forward to trying it.

I haven't even gotten around to Cuchara and La Fisheria yet but I'm looking forward to the new seafood restaurant from Hugo. I guess this may be opening today or tomorrow?

Bernie's Burger Bus first brick and mortar location will be in the Bellaire Triangle. I am really looking forward to this and it's close to me, relatively speaking. One of my two most favorite burger places (and the other one, Burger Guys, has closed -- --).

Anybody else got any you're really looking forward to?

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  1. I haven't been able to find much at Hugo's that I would rave about. I really like La Fish. I am waiting for the Heights pub soon to open by the Feast chef. Despite the fact it is in the Heights.

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      I forgot about that one. Haven't heard anything in several months.

      Also forgot about Heights General Store, in the old Harold's. It's gotten a couple of rave revues and apparently has some Low Country cuisine. I miss the old Fox Diner and want to try this (despite the fact it is in the Heights).

      The location of Caracol is another part of town I try to stay away from.

      1. re: brucesw

        Why "despite the fact that it is in the Heights"?

        1. re: davisgb1

          Having read numerous, and good brucesw posts, the Heights is a bit at the edge of his preferred geographic range, hence the moniker brucesw.

    2. We went to Cuchara about a wk after it opened.. Sat at the food prep bar.. I'm a big fan of Hugo's.. In fact, Hugo was assisting at the food bar that night and I told him so. Great guy, passionate about serving up great food and service. His mole and refried beans are to die for. The fresh oysters on the shell at Cuchara was over the top delicious. The whole redfish grilled in the oven, superb.. the sides of skewered brussel sprouts awesome chargrilled flavor and the tamales were a a creamy knockout. Off post oak,, you really have to look for it. Can't wait to return. Ohhh, the comp desert from Hugo himself,,, a round ball of homemade chocolate (a little larger than a baseball), frozen.. out it comes with a small mallet.. Once broken, the pieces of choc are used to scoop out the most delish coconut, creamy goodness.. In fact, worth just going for this desert! will try to upload some pics later!
      Check out Hay Merchant for some pub grub... the mini port sliders are terrific and the chx wings tasty. great beer selection.
      BTW, thought Bernie's burgers were just meh... don't understand the fuss. Barnaby's much much better.

      1. Finally made it to Torchy's Tacos, specifically their new location in The Heights. Very nice tacos.