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Searching for suet

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Hey chowhounders. You guys are so in the know, I'm hoping you'll help me find the ever elusive suet for Grandma's Christmas pudding recipe. I've tried Windsor and Harkness to no avail. Suggestions? Many thanks!

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  1. Saw some frozen at Buy Low in Kingsgate Mall, but that was a couple weeks ago.

    Try some of the butchers at Granville Island?

    1. Try Broadway Meat Co.

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        I'm pretty sure I saw some there.

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          My mum got some at Bway Meat Co a couple days ago, thanks to another CH thread. It is organic.

        2. You can usually find suet in the meat section, of most major grocery stores.

          1. Success! Buy low at kingsgate mall was sold out, but I went to save-on and they had some. Christmas pudding is saved for another year! Thanks for the help. Merry Christmas!