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Dec 15, 2013 07:37 AM

Paris Itinerary December 2013 - Feedback welcome

Hello! I am traveling to Paris and London this December with my fiance. I've been to Paris several times; this will be his first time. We welcome feedback on our dinner reservations/ plans so far ... I'm trying to mix up the style and location.

Dec 28 - Brasserie Thoumieux
Dec 29 - On waiting list for Spring
Dec 30 - L'Arpege

Dec 31 - I've been in Paris for NYE before, its a crazy time, and I think we'd be happier grabbing champ and some goodies and sticking closer to our hotel in the 1st rather than joining the crowds.

Jan 1 - Bistrot Paul Bert

Jan 2 - Depart for London

For lunch, I'm less concerned about reservations, and we aren't going to keep to any schedule for museums or such. These have come to the top of my list, based on the fact they may be open and/ or have specific dishes we want to try:

Le Perchoir
Le Mary Celeste
L'Avant Comptoir
Le Grand 8

Thanks for any comments!

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  1. you might get more feedback if you change the title asap to 2013

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    1. It's a good and interesting list. I would be more than happy to enjoy it. I like the contrast between the stylish dinners and the more casual lunches.

      1. My understanding is now Le Perchoir is only open for cocktails & dinner, Mary Celeste just dinner (except weekend Brunch) and which Buvette (the one in the 11th open only Friday for lunch or the Greenwich Village-offshoot in the 9th) do you mean?

        Especially next week or the week between Christmas & New Year's a lot of places close or change their schedules/programs (such as limited choices on the lunches on the eves and/or days of both holidays; I would telephone if I were you.

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        1. re: John Talbott

          Thank you for this feedback!

          For Buvette, in the 9th. We will definitely call ahead of time -- thanks again.