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Dec 15, 2013 06:42 AM

Best "Quaint", but great food in Southern CT (Westport)

We're having a family reunion over the holidays and will have about 20 people to go to brunch on a Sunday. We want great food, but ALSO a nice setting since people are coming in from out of town and would like to see CT at it's best! Any suggestions? Anything within 30 minutes or so.... Thanks! Jan

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  1. I recommend The Dressing Room in Westport. They have brunch on the weekends. Food is delicious and high quality, the restaurant is a quieter setting and has a cozy feel.

    I also would also suggest Estia's American in Darien. Its rather casual for breakfast and again on the quieter side.

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      Yes, I forgot about the Dressing Room. Great choice as well.

    2. What immediately comes to my mind is Artisan at the Delamar in Southport. Their food is wonderful, and the restaurant is beautiful. A beautifuly place for an overnight stay as well. Although, not ocean-front. They have a really nice private party room too but not sure for this time of year as you have to walk outside to get to it, but you can ask. Plus another private room inside.

      More common would be to go to Red Barn Westport. Food is OK, and they have a big Sunday brunch.

      More pretentious with a lovely view, you can try Splash at the Inn at Longshore. Not really quaint as it is more contemporary space.

      And not quaint but good food is brunch at The Brewhouse in Norwalk. Kind of a cool space as it is a brewhouse and they could easily accommodate a large party and easy walk to Maritime Center if you want to include that.

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        Brewhouse is great! Red Barn has quaint factor but food is meh.