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Dec 15, 2013 05:57 AM

Where can I sell used (but actually new) cookbooks?

I have such a large pile of cookbooks that I have collected over the years, some only opened once to read, never used. I like the idea of cookbooks but never end up using them.

I'm not looking to sell them for a lot, but I am trying to find a place that buys used books. There aren't any around me that give cash (as opposed to store credit).

I don't want to do it online. Any suggestions? Would love to have a few extra dollars to spend this holiday.

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    1. re: Locutus

      Thanks -- looking for a store, though!

      1. re: Baelsette

        Thanks for your reply, but I mentioned I didn't want to sell them online. I am looking for a store.

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        1. Circus books on Danforth sells used cookbooks. I don't know if he pays cash, and he has a lot of stock right now. I notice that newer/"name" cookbooks move pretty quickly so he might be more interested in those than older ones.

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          1. re: julesrules

            Thanks! I'm not from the GTA so I couldn't get there pre-holiday, but that is good to know. I will contact them about the cash.

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