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Dec 15, 2013 05:21 AM

Your fave places to go for the holidays. .

I love going to the Hotel Del Coronado to get in the holiday spirit..have a drink or hot chocolate.
Top of the Hyatt for drinks.
Manhattan's of La Jolla is always a riot..
Bali Hai

Waterfront or NuNu's. .need I say more.

Where do you like to hang for the holidays?

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  1. The Del, of course...outside on the patio to watch the kids skating. Drinks at The Grant Grill. Wednesday night at Manhattan to see Manny and Polo from La V and listen to Roman Palacios sing Frank Sinatra with Tommy Gannon on the is such a trip!

    But my favorite place to be during the holidays is New Orleans. Santa Claus second line parade anyone? Priceless.

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    1. re: foodiechick

      Sinatra songs at the piano..sweet.

      Is La V whaling bar open yet?
      Miss that for Xmas Eve was in the LJ doctrine..a must..good times.

      1. re: Beach Chick

        Supposedly this week, highly doubtful IMHO. No more Whaling Bar, it will be Cafe La Rue with a light, airy, fast cafe kind of vibe. Me no likey. But with the talent they have hired in the kitchen, I have high expectations that the food will be top notch.

        1. re: foodiechick

          Yes, free cocktails for two hours(?) every Xmas Eve in the Whaling Bar with Rafael.

          Cocktails with (Not-so-Big-anymore) Mikey at Manhattan with a side of Manny.

          Xmas day cocktails at The Spot since it was the only place open on the street once upon a time.

          1. re: deckape

            We would walk over and hit up the Spot after dinner on Xmas and Jerry would be there and it was all the La Jolla locals, just like at the Whaling Bar..

            I was dancing at a hotel resort in Cabo years ago and I bumped into he and his wife on the dance floor after he sold the Spot..don't you love running into people you know around the world..

            We had marg's and celebrated our friendship...may he RIP.

            1. re: Beach Chick

              For several years my family had xmas eve dinner at Sante and walked over to the Valencia for cocktails in the lobby/Whaling bar. It's just never going to be the same!!

            2. re: deckape

              I want to hear more old school LJ Xmas stories...hee hee

            3. re: foodiechick

              Walked by LV Xmas day and noticed Café La Rue. Made me miss the dark Whaling Bar.

              1. re: globocity

                Talented Chef, but that new room is awful. :(

        2. Anything interesting in that hot chocolate, Vandermint, Kahula Especial, Bailey's, Cognac etc.

          1. Agree with the Del.

            But, we're inland, so the RB Inn is on the agenda this week--pretty trees, walk around, have a few drinks. We're still debating over the Veranda or the new-to-us Avant (the old Bizcocho).

            Then, up the 15 to the Mission Inn.

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            1. re: pine time

              Love love love RB Inn...does the Colachis family still own it?
              I miss the old Bizcocho room..

              Please report back..maybe a lunch with the beloved in-laws during Christmas week..they always buy and I like to go big, since my FIL has exquisite taste in food and wine and loves running up that check on his dime..

              ; ^)

              1. re: Beach Chick

                I got a sneak peak at Avant before it opened. While a younger crowd probably will like it better, it was just a little too informal for me. I liked the proper, but not stuffy, vibe of El Bizcocho. Plus, we're within walking distance, so we can imbibe as we please--we could always crawl home, if needs be.

              2. We went to Top of the Hyatt for the 1st time in years a couple of months ago, and it was pretty gross, I have to say. It hasn't been updated in years and the clientele was just plain bizarre. We saw several "ladies" picking up "dates." It was incredibly strange. High on the people watching score I guess, but not exactly what we were expecting!

                I love going to Nunus around the holidays - the little fireplace is going, the xmas lights are up. Albie's Beef Inn, Mr. A's, Red Fox, he Hotel Del (for drinks only), and once upon a time La Valencia - though they're pretty well destroyed it now. :(

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                1. re: aliceqfoodie

                  Alice, you should give La Valencia another try...maybe when the weather is nice so you can forgo the altered interior and sit out on the back patio. Chef Daniel Baron is KILLING it.

                  1. re: foodiechick

                    Well the Whaling Bar has been literally destroyed - but I'll check out the hotel lobby and new cafe when the remodel is done. The last time I went it was under heavy duty construction. Glad to hear you like the dining room - I've heard mixed things.

                    1. re: aliceqfoodie

                      I hate the mausoleum of a dining room, it will be going through a refresh after the first of the year but from what a hear it won't be much of one. However, the food is vastly improved and if you are able to talk with the chef he sends out amazing, off-the-menu creations (including the CA-banned FG).

                  2. re: aliceqfoodie

                    Another NuNu's chica!
                    Isn't this one of the coolest places to drink and just have a friggin' good love love.

                    Outstanding Alice and SO great to have you back!!!!

                    Wow, sorry to hear about the Top of the Hyatt..its usually dark when I go up there and haven't seen any 'putas' up there..nobody wants to see that crap.

                    Albie's Beef Inn, Bully's East, Red Fox...Solid

                    1. re: Beach Chick

                      Sad news about Nunus, just read that they ripped out the booths and put in high top tables?? And no more fireplace? Apparently they also put in big tvs. UGH!!

                      I think this year we are going to try Sycamore Den for cocktails after dinner at Farm House. Make it an Adams Ave. affair. :)

                    2. HOME! Pure and simple. No place else on the planet I'd rather be for the holidays.