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Dec 15, 2013 02:42 AM

Kosher Butcher in Baltimore

What's the best Kosher butcher in Baltimore MD?

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  1. There are two butchers down here, Wasserman and Lemberger and Shlomo's meat market. I think most people will tell you Wasserman's is better (including myself)

    1. Seven Mile Market also has a large fresh meat department, but I agree that Wasserman's is known to be the best butcher in the area.

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        Thanks, I guess I'll try Wasserman and Lemberger

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          I finally got to Wasserman and Lemberger on one of my trips to Baltimore. I recently moved to West Virginia and I get to Baltimore every week or 2 to do my Kosher shopping. The first time I went I found they close pretty early on Sundays. The next time I went I checked their Facebook page at to make sure they would be open, but there was a handwritten note on their door saying they had closed early that day. But the 3rd time I finally got there before they closed.
          I got aufschnitt and hard salami which were very good. The Beef Jerky was fine, but I like Joburg Kosher Biltong better. The hotdogs were interesting. They had a plastic sausage casing which had to be removed before cooking. They were good the first day but went bad quickly.
          I also got chicken and ground meat and first cut brisket which were good.
          I'll be back again to try more stuff G-d willing. Hopefully they'll be open.

      2. Hands down Wasserman is the best. When I say they have THE MOST AMAZING brisket corned beefs, and briskets, I mean it. All you have to do to the corned beef is boil it til soft and it is melt in your mouth. Be sure to get the 2nd cut which is fattier but so much more tender. Their flanken ribs are delicious as well. Great homemade deli meats and sausages. They even have a nitrate free hot dog line and I think a few of the deli items too. We "import" here to NJ from Wasserman every few months because we have yet to find a comparable taste to the briskets and corned beefs.

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        1. No contest. Wasserman's is the best. Try the homemade salami and beef jerky.