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Dec 15, 2013 02:05 AM

Wonderful seasonal cheeses

There have been passing references to various seasonal cheeses. I think they deserve their own thread.

I think it was Souphie or Ptitpois who already mentioned the brie/coulommiers stuffed with walnuts and marscapone cheese. At Laurent Dubois, blvd St. Germain and, newly opened branch, rue St. Antoine near the St. Paul métro.

My personal favorite is the Cabri Ariègois, a chèvre with the appearance and almost liquidy texture of a Vacherin Mont d'Or. Available first at Alléosse in the rue Poncelet, second at a few other shops it Alléosse hasn't taken first dibs. (Laurent Dubois expect to have some soon.) This cheese has its own seasons, late fall being one of them.

One I have ordered but not yet tried is a Mont d'Or à la Truffe, another holiday special. Dubois will have it "some time next week." Alléosse has it now. It looks beautiful, with a truffle design in the middle. Some people warm the Mont d'Or in its own wood package as a fondue. The Alléosse folks do not recommend this for the truffled version as it could reduce the truffle flavor. But it should be served at a warm room temperature so it is very soft.

I am sure there are many other wonderful, seasonal cheeses I don't know about.

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  1. In any case, black truffle is at its best when warmed to 40 °C. You could warm up the cheese slightly.

    The coulommiers aux noix sold at the Maubert outlet is not the same than the coulommiers aux noix sold at the other Dubois location (Tocqueville). In the latter case, the walnuts are chopped and mixed with mascarpone. In the former case, they are not chopped and sandwiched between two two halves of brie. I prefer the former. I don't know how they do it at the Saint-Paul location.

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      At the St. Paul location, the nuts are coarsely chopped and mixed with the mascarpone cheese, sandwiched between the two halves.

      Thank you for the suggestion about slightly warming the truffled cheese.I am thinking of wrapping the wooden package with alu foil and putting it in a not very hot oven for a short time.

      1. re: RandyB

        At most stores, especially supermarkets, selling Mont d'Or they include a small dish to put the entire cheese in including the wooden box and they say heat at 350F (175C) for 20 minutes, works like a charm.Sounds too hot for too long but perfect.

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          You are exactly describing a very common recipe for make a Mont d'Or fondue. Some recipes say to wrap the cheese (in its round box) in aluminum foil. Also most say to put some white wine in hole the top middle of the cheese before heating.